Harry Hopwood ‘43, Outstanding Senior Olympian

Harry Hopwood joined the United States Marine Corps immediately after graduation from West – it was during WWII. He was stationed at Parris Island; Cherry Point, NC; Quantico, VA; Miramar, CA; Pearl Harbor; Marshall Islands; and Wake Island. He left the Marines in 1946 only to join the Navy in 1951. He was stationed in Patuxent River, MD until his tour was complete in 1953.

Harry retired in 1983 from the Hershey Chocolate Company. His primary work experience was in sales and marketing for national food manufacturing companies. He continues to consult and assist in marketing activities of food products in Ohio.

When at West, Harry was a punter on the football team. Quotes from The Columbus Dispatch sports writers of the time said, “Glen ‘Yip’ Owen developed Harry Hopwood into becoming ‘punter deluxe’ and ‘the best punter in Ohio.’ Harry has continued his athletic abilities, although not on the football field. To this day, Harry plays basketball at Westgate Park with young men, 20-30 years old, and he still holds his own very well.

This continued athletic activity brought him to participate in the Ohio Senior Olympics in 1992. His combined score in around-the-world and free throw was the best among all competitors who came from all over the country. Harry received a Gold Medal for the Ohio Senior Olympics at the age of 68.

During his frequent visits to Westgate Park, Harry is a mentor to many of the young kids who come there for a pick-up game. He does his best to teach them the basics of basketball, and he encourages them to be a team player, while having fun with the sport.

Harry was previously married to Peggy Ann Fergus ‘43 with whom he had one son. He then married Mary Kathryn Andrews ‘47 with whom he had two daughters. He has five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He and Margaret Ann Scott ‘44 have been married for thirty-eight years.

Update: Harry Hopwood died March 7. He was 83.