Hall of Fame Honorees

The Hall of Fame program originated in 1995, with two Alumni being honored, and has expanded to four or five being honored at one time. 

Alumni Association members who would like to serve on the selection committee are encouraged to contact the current Hall of Fame Chairperson.

Honoree Criteria
The Hall of Fame revolves around the honoring of Alumni who have demonstrated achievement in their chosen field, interest, and or career. They have distinguished themselves by their activities and accomplishments in making a notable contribution to society, large or small.  Recognitions and awards would be a part of this.

Nomination Process
Nominations are made yearly by Alumni Association members and sent to the Hall of Fame committee to be reviewed before selections are made.  Nomination forms are available on the website and are due by April 1st each year to be eligible for the current year selections. Nominations are kept from year-to-year, so if a person is not selected the first year after submission, they may be selected at a later time.  Currently, 30 – 40 nominations are on file. Click here to download the nomination form.

Each committee member reviews the nominations and selects 5 that they would like to submit to be reviewed by the committee.  This is done on an individual basis at a scheduled time with the Hall of Fame Chairperson. When all of the individual reviews have been completed, a group meeting is scheduled to discuss each person’s selections.  A vote is taken to determine the top 4 (or more depending on the recommendation by the Board).  The selected Honorees are called, if living, or a designated family member is located, for the acceptance of the award.

Selection & Recognition
The selected Honorees are recognized at a ceremony and reception, usually in September, in the West High School Library.  Whether you know, or knew, any of the Honorees, this event is a great time to socialize with fellow Alumni, while recognizing the newly selected Hall of Fame members.

Click here to download the nomination form.
2019 Hall of Fame Honorees

Hall of Fame Honorees 2019: 
Left to right: Clenzo B. Fox ’47, Davette Vazquez for David K. Myers ’49; Dr. Danny Stowe ’70; Kerry Gatewood and Kia Gatewood Merrifield for Tennis W. Gatewood ’74

2018 Hall of Fame Honorees

2018 Hall of Fame Honorees:
Dorance Nichols Hornsby ’63; Bill Kern ’60 Jan., accepting for Lucille Burkett ’41; Becky Tyler Bechtel ’75, accepting for her mother Patricia Cozad Smart ’47; Stephen Chappelear ‘70