Steve Scarpitti

What year did you graduate from West?     June 1974

What were you involved in at West while in high school?
Student Council President;  Senior year Junior Class Vice President; Football and basketball statistician; Stage manager, plays, drama and musicals; In the Know Team senior year; Buckeye Boys State; CEO of Scarpitti’s Scoopers for Student Council Donkey Basketball, our business is picking up! Chairperson, Cols Public Schools Consortium of Student Council Presidents; Chancellor, Freedoms Foundation Pilgrimage to Philadelphia, senior year trip with Central Ohio Student Council presidents; Franklin County Student Chairperson for the March of Dimes Walkathon

Who were some of your favorite teachers? Do you have any specific memories of those teachers?
Dr. Jim Malanowki – American History, a very student-centered, energizing, vibrant and dynamic teacher.

Mr. Jerry Ocock – Physics class – hands on, minds on, real world physics, he had a passion for photography too, excellent teacher!

Mr. John Drury – Math V – best math teacher ever, we did tend to get Mr. Drury off task occasionally to play chess during 0 Period.

Mr. Clarence Bowers – A very brave WWII Vet, my hand still hurts 47 years later from taking notes during 7th period, I learned more in his class than in my mid-level college biology courses at OSU.

Mr. Robert Zadronzy – Everybody’s friend, all around great guy!

Mr. Bill Griffin – This vocal teacher actually thought I could sing, great junior choir teacher.

Mr. Fred Heischman – old school, always firm, fair, always made sure we understood Algebra II.

Mr. Gene O’Sabien – made the 8 minutes of my sophomore homeroom most memorable, made us laugh about nothing and everything!

Mrs. Rosemary Leuchter – English teacher, Expository Writing and Major British Authors, she was very, very challenging and a great teacher.

Mr. Bill Huckaba – Bravest man on the planet…Coach Huckaba was my “in car” drivers education instructor!

Mr. William Abele – What’s not to like about your high school principal folks?

Such outstanding teachers at WHS, I could go on and on…

What are you involved in with the Alumni Association? Past and present involvement?
Proud to say, I have been involved in the WHSAA for about 6 years. Served as Treasurer for 2 years. Served on the Scholarship Committee for 4 years, 3 years as chairperson/co-chairperson. Served on the Hall of Fame Committee for 3 years. Supported all the key events:  Bean Dinner, Hall of Fame, sports concessions, summer picnic, annual golf outing, membership mtgs, December Holiday dinner.

What is your motivation for being involved with the Alumni Association?
As a former educator for 35 years, primary and intermediate grade teacher, coach, middle school math/science teacher and school principal for 27 years, the success of our young people in their various school settings drives the heart, soul, mind and spirit of our neighborhoods, city, state and nation.  The Alumni Association focuses on ways to provide support to West High School through direct scholarship support to WHS Senior students, support of academic projects, visual and performing arts, athletics and a myriad of other programs and opportunities.

What would you like members to know about you personally and your family?

Wife of 33 years, Heidi Briscoe Scarpitti. Two adult children – Dustin and Allyson. Family means everything to me!

My past career as an educator was most rewarding, I stay in touch with former students via social media, some of those kids are turning 50 years old. I believe that once you are a youngster’s teacher, coach or school principal you are forever that person’s teacher, coach or principal.

Enjoy preparing all sorts of Italian cuisine, my pasta sauce is the best! Love to entertain guests and family at our house, enjoy cooking big family meals, love to BBQ and experiment with new recipes (not always good!).

Enjoy spending time with my younger brother drowning worms (some would call that fishing) but the fish are almost always much smarter than me.

Enjoy going out on our Sea Ray powerboat (The Miss Briscoe), canoeing, hiking at Prairie Oaks Metro Park or Griggs Reservoir Park and kayaking.

Enjoy golf, but after 56 years of golfing my game has not improved much. The goal is to shoot a low score, right? Getting a birdie or a par while golfing is still a cause for celebration after 18 holes of golf.