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Unveiling the W.W.II Memorial Plaque with Robert Suydam's (class of 1932) name added.

Mike Suydam, son of Robert, removes the plaque covering. A selected group of the West JROTC Cadets stand at attention.

Note: This plaque was originally done by the Hilltop Kiwanis. We don't have a date when it was dedicated or hung.
We were pleased to have Westside Messenger Editor Andrea Cordle in attendance to cover the unveiling. She wrote a very nice article, including a photo, for the Messenger.

In addition to West Principal Mr. Lucas Cech, West Secretary Ms. Patricia Payne, West Librarian Mr. Merritt, we also had a few alumni who attended the program.

After the plaque unveiling, the JROTC Cadets salute the plaque, showing their respect.

We thank 1st Sgt. Haslerig and Msg. Buschur for their help in including the Cadets to this program.

In addition to the Suydam family, who live near Lake Erie, their friends, Jeff and Beverly Frischkorn, drove to Columbus with them for the program.
Mike Suydam shown with the plaque. Mr. Frischkorn did the initial research to verify that Robert Suydam did graduate from West High School.

Mike Suydam had a photo of his father but wasn't sure it was him until he saw his father's graduation photo from the 1932 West yearbook.
Melanie, Mike, and Kristine Suydam

The Suydam family made a generous donation to the Alumni Foundation to thank us for our efforts in adding Robert Suydam's name to our W.W.II Memorial Plaque.