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2018 Alumni Homecoming Float

Jordan Claffey '17, Mose Lattimore '17,
Michael White '18

David MaManus '64, Steve Scarpitti '74 (Alumni Association Treasurer), Nancy Hardy Smith '50 (2002-2004 Alumni Association President), Susie Katon Ward '70 (2009-2010 and 2017 Alumni Association President, Dave Ward '67



Cheerleaders, Weskets, band members, etc........
One of Columbus Finest blocking the street getting ready for the parade!
The West JROTC Honor Guard waiting in formation to elad off the parade. They are 'AWESOME.'
Other students in the JROTC unit. We are very proud of all they do.
The Senior Class Float!
Seniors enjoying the parade

West Cheerleaders
The Weskets
The 2018 West Marching Band
Many students decided to join in the parade by walking around the parade route!
The Weskets
Finally, the last float - the Alumni Association Float!
The JROTC unit from the top of Magly Stadium
The JROTC Unit ending the parade
The Senior Float behind Magly Stadium
The following pictures were taken by and shared to the Alumni Association by West teacher
Mr. Patrick.

The Senior Float riders wave to Mr. Patrick
The Senior Float behind Magly Stadium
The 'Cowboy' marching with the football players is new West Assistant Principal Mr. Cornute. Looks like he got in to the Cowboy tradition right away! Welcome to West Mr. Cornute.
The Alumni Float behind Magly Field.
The Alumni Band taking the field. We only had two former drum majors this year.
The combined Alumni Band and 2018 West Marching Band getting ready to play the National Anthem.
The combined Bands make their way back down Magly Field.
The football team makes their way to Magly Field through the cheerleaders, Weskets, and former players.
The 2018 West Band and Weskets performing their halftime show.
The combined bands performing Script W!
The combined bands playing the Alma Mater.
Sorry - a little out of order.
The Alumni Band marching from West High, behind Magly Stadium, to the south end of Magly Field. They were led by the Drum Majors.
Watching the Alumni Band marching down 'Dave Thornton Way' behing Magly Stadium.
Assistant Principal, Ms. Mead, putting ribbons on the Homecoming Queen court members. ;Watching the Alumni Band marching down 'Dave Thornton Wa
Principal Costello putting ribbons on the Homecoming Queen court members.
Everyone LOVES the Drum Majors!
Kickoff! (No, those aren't red uniforms on the West team! The coach pulled out the old orange uniforms for this game.)
Playing Independence H. S.
Typical students doing their thing at the game!
Putting #16 back together.
The West Band getting ready for their half-time performance.
The Weskets doing their halftime show.
Starting Script W
Introducing the Homecoming King candidates
Introducing the Homecoming Queen candidates
Dorance Nichols Hornsby '63 crowned the Homecoming Queen
Homecoming Queen and Kings
The final score. Not what West wanted, but the team faught to the end. The score doesn't represent how hard they worked. Thank you team.