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2018 Alumni Hall of Fame
September 1
West High Library


Dorance Nichols Hornsby 1963;
Bill Kern Jan. 1960 accepting for
Lucille Burkett 1941;
Becky Tyler Bechtel 1975 accepting for her mother, Patricia Cozad Tyler Smart 1947; Stephen Chappelear 1970

West Social Worker, Ms. Joy Hostetler, welcomed everyone to West High. She shared some updates on the updates being done at West and the programs the students are involved in.
Hall of Fame Committee Chair Sara McPeek Sampson '69. Sara has been chairing the committee the last several years. She and her committee of John Walter '54, John Morlan '65, Patty Krizinski Drumheiser '65, Greg Large '70, Susie Katon Ward '70, Dan Martin '72, Steve Scarpitti '74, Nancy Lloyd Laver, and Nancy Hardy Smith '50 always choose an exceptional group of Honorees and provide a wonderful program the day of the induction.
Bill Kern '60 Jan. introducing Lucille M. Burkett '41. Ms. Burkett died Nov. 3, 2017 and has no living relatives. Bill learned about Ms. Burkett's achievements after reading her obituary. He did more research and decided to nominate her for our Hall of Fame.
Also attending the program was a dear friend of Ms. Burkett, Mrs. Woodard. Mrs. Woodard was a longtime friend of Ms. Burkett and provided much of the information included in her nomination. Mrs. Woodard and her husband drove down from the Cleveland area to attend the program.
Greg Large '70 nominated his friend and classmate, Steve Chappelear '70, to the Hall of Fame. Introducing Steve, Greg shared information on several of Steve's accomplishments that were included in his nomination.
Honoree Steve Chappelear 1970 addressing the program attendees. For those who attended the program, Steve gave a very 'interesting' talk about his family history with West High School. He used several 'visual aids' that everyone enjoyed.
Sara Sampson presenting Steve with his Hall of Fame Plaque. One is for Steve to take home and one will be on permanent display in the Hall of Fame display in the happway outside the West Library.
Lynn Fullerton Johnson '63 nominated Dorance Nichols Hornsby '63 for the Hall of Fame. The pumpkin, (on Lynn's right) with the face and cowboy hat, represented Lynn's speech about how Dorance has worn many different 'hats' in her volunteerism.
Dorance thanked Lynn for her nomination. She also thanked her husband and the many alumni who have helped her with her volunteer work at West.
Sara Sampson presenting Dorance with her Hall of Fame Plaque.
Beverly Tyler, daughter of Patricia Cozad Tyler Smart, introducing her mother to the group. Pat was not only a 1947 West alum, she was the school nurse at Hilltonia Junior High and West High.
Sara presenting Pat Smart's family with her Hall of Fame plaque. Accepting were Pat's sister, Rev. Dr. Eleanor Cozad Cherryholmes, and her three daughters - Becky Tyler Bechtel '75, Beverly Tyler, and Brenda Tyler.
Steve with several classmates who attended the program.
Tim Williams, Susie Look Parsons, Steve, Susie Katon Ward, Greg Large
Steve with family and friends who attended the program.
Front: Bonnie Williams Lacy '64, Steve, Sharon Chappelear, Walter Chappelear, Jack Kelly '49 Jan.
Middle: Dianne Williams, Greg Large '70, Sue Chappelear Clark
Top: Tim Williams '70, Kacey Chappelear, Chuck Chappelear, Vanessa Chappelear, Shirley Forgrave Nyhan '63, Denny Clark
Dorance with family members and friends who attended the program.
Front: Jack Hornsby, Dorance
back: Matt Hornsby, Karen Nichols, Richard Nichols, Lynn Fullerton Johnson '63, Paul Pennell '57
Pat Cozad Tyler Smart's family.