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2018 Florida Reunion - March 3,
Der Dutchman, Sarasota, FL

Once again, we thank our Co-Chairs, Tom Ramage '67, who lives in Lehigh Acres, FL, and Joe Castorino '67, who lives in Spring Hill, FL, for organizing a great event. It takes a lot of work and time to make this happen, and all who attended appreciate their efforts.

This is their 3rd year of chairing this event, and they brought us a fun afternoon.

They are already working on plans for 2019! The Der Dutchman has been reserved for Saturday, March 9.

Phyllis Ramage counting the 50-50 raffle tickets ready to sell!

The sale netted $61 for the Alumni Association Scholarship Foundation.

From the West students who will benefit from receiving one of our Scholarships,
Thank You to all who purchased tickets!
Tom Ramage getting some raffle tickets from Connie Jarrell Castorino to sell. Tickets were being sold about as fast as the ladies could count them out. $1 each or 6 for $5!

Tim Miles '65 (Riverview, FL) brought his collection of West High and Hilltop Memorabilia. It was a nice display for everyone to look at look at and bring back memories.

Tim's wife, Susan Fleming Miles '67, had planned to attend but got up the day of the luncheon with the flu!
We missed you Susie!!!
Joe Castorino '67, Connie Jarrell Castorino '68, Tom Ramage '67, Tim Miles '65, Nancy Triffon Long '66 (Seminole, FL)
2011-2012 Alumni Association President
Baileen Gary Koffel '48
and Ralph Koffel (Columbus, OH in the summer, but
Sarasota, Fl in the winter!)
2002-2004 Alumni Association President Nancy Hardy Smith '50 (Columbus, OH),
2006 Alumni Association President and 2002 Alumni Hall of Fame Honorees Rev. Ed Sensenbrenner '50 Jan. and Lois Farrand Sensenbrenner '50 Jan. (Powell, OH in the summer and Sarasota, FL. in the winter!),
Maxine and Bob Wilson '50 Jan. (Port Clinton, OH), John '50 and Anne Brown (Grove City, OH)
Shirley Tatlock and John Pugh '48 (Sarasota, FL)

Rev. Sensenbrenner
(red t-shirt) welcomes everyone before giving the blessing.

We're sorry we didn't get a picture of our luncheon buffet. It was very large with many options.

We ate in our private room where we also had a great selection of pie for dessert! You always expect good food at Der Dutchman, and they didn't let us down. Plus, we had our own server who took very good care of us refilling our coffee and soft drinks and clearing our tables.
A 'closer look' at Rev. Sensenbrenner's t-shirt.

If you can't read what it said, it reads:
"On a Quiet Night in OHIO, you can hear
Wolverines CRYING!"
Cindy Triffon '73 (Seminole FL, High School) and
Nancy Triffon Long '66

2004 Alumni Hall of Fame Honoree Dr. Newell Yaple '50 and Mary Yaple (Palmetto, FL )

Ted Strohm '56
(Tampa, FL), 1995 Alumni Association President Gus Cross '47 and Donna Cross (The Villages (Lady Lake), FL)

Gus and Donna moved from N. Carolina to Florida this past year - making it much easier for them to attend the Florida Reunion!

Nancy Ealy '51 (Central H. S.),
Cathie Ealy '70 (West Palm Beach, FL), and
Sarah Pavey Cullen '60 (Wellington, FL)

The "Welcome to the Hiltop U.S.A." afghans that the Hilltop Kiwanis sold several years ago have become a very desired item? Tim brought this one to use as a table cover for his other memorabilia!

The Alumni Association had two Hilltop U.S.A. afghans donated by alums in recent years that were auctioned off at the summer picnics. The proceeds from the auctions went in the Alumni Scholarship Foundation.

We appreciate Tim bringing his to share.

A little closer picture of West High on the afghan - along with a small wooden piece that says
'West High' on the front.

A little close look at some of the memorabilia - football programs, a yearbook, a letter sweater, etc.

Joe Castorino compiled his usual Nostalgia Questions 'game' for the luncheon. He put in a lot of time coming up with the 15 questions. The winning 'team' of Ealy, Ealy, Cullen (plus two others) were offered $10 per person for their win. They graciously donated their combined $50 in winnings back to the Scholarship Foundation.

A few of the Nostalgia Questions:

1) What was the first and last name of the major who followed Mayor Sensenbrenner? He also owned a small motel on the Hilltop. What was the name of the motel?

2) Name at least three types of stamps that the grocery stores in Columbus offered during the 50s and 60s.
3) Name at least five western TV series in the 50s.
4) Name the Mr. Clean jingle 'song.'
5) Name the 3 major TB stations in Columbus during the 50s and 60s; give their call letters and their numerical numbers.
6) Name four chain-type grocery stores that each had at least eight stores in central and southern Ohio during the 50s and 60s.

We thank Sue Garman for providing the following pictures.

Nancy Hardy Smith '50, Cindy Triffon, and
Sue Hardy Garman '52
Cindy Triffon '73 (Seminole FL, High School) and
Nancy Triffon Long '66
Newell Yaple '50 and Mary Yaple (Palmetto, FL )
Florida Reunion Co-Chair Joe Castorino '67
Eric and Marilyn Story Holt '52 (Naples, FL)
On the back side of the table - Eric Holt, Ralph Koffel, Baileen Gary Koffel '48, Newell and Mary Yaple.
On the right - Marilyn Story Holt '52
Anne and John Brown '50