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Just part of the dessert table. You might guess that some of those attending went throught this table BEFORE going to the salad and main course food lines!

Most were home made and very delicious. Not much left to take home from this table..............

Nancy Hardy Smith '50 chaired the 2017 Picnic. With the help of a great committee, everything went very well.
2017 Association President Susie Katon Ward '70, followed by her husband, John '67, make their way through the food line.
Not a great picture, but since we had it we wanted to recognize Rita Elliott Stethem '53 Jan. (dark top - in the background) who made the sloppy joes that everyone always looks forward to. .

Association Treasurer Phyllis Guyton Taylor '56 in the striped top.
The tables were pretty filled.
President Susie Ward, assisted by Sara McPeek Sampson '69, passes out just one of the many door prizes.
Rev. Ed and Lois Farrand Sensenbrenner (tan and dark shirts) watching their raffle tickets.
Looks like the lady in the red top just won! Darcy Crispin Fortner '53 sitting across from the lady in the red top.