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2017 Christmas Luncheon

We all entered the room to the sounds of the West High Alumni Dance Band. If you haven't heard them, they are very good!

A few of our alums viewing the many items on our Silent Auction table. Many were OSU logo items on consignment from a local athletic logo store along with a number of items donated by our alumni.

Thank you to everyone who made a purchase. The West students who receive our scholarships will most certainly appreciate your generosity when they received their check in the spring.
We're still waiting to get the final total, but we know a nice total was collected that will be donated to the Alumni Association Scholarship Foundation.

Front - Mary Ellen Lancia, Hazel Redmond Harper '47, Sharon Harper

Back - Fred Lancia '56 Jan., Bill Pabst '56,
Betty Evans Pabst '56, Phyllis Guyton Taylor '56

Front - Charlotte Cranston Prior '50 Jan.,
Helen Killian Black '50 Jan.,
Marilyn Jackson Andrews '50 Jan.,
Lois Farrand Sensenbrenner '50 Jan.

Back -
Stanton Prior '46, Linda Yaple Wolske '52, Cy Wolske '50, Rev. Ed Sensenbrenner '50 Jan., Don Nafzger '50

Front - Stacy Neff Campbell '78, Jerry Campbell

Back - Eli Bowen '74, 2017 President Susie Katon Ward '70, 2018 President Dave Dobos '73

Front - Rich Rector '62, Joan Lorenz Parsons '62 Jan., Ruth Lorenz Eichenberger '54

Back - Katie Lorenz Haddox '47, Bill Kern '60 Jan.


Front - granddaughter of Jackie McPherson, Jackie Gross McPherson '47, Rich Rector '62

Back - Bill Kern '60 Jan.

Front - Fred Shell '60, Linda Shell, Dorothy Casteel Pemberton '55, Ronda Graham Link '58

Back - 2016 President Paul Pennell '57, Randy Kinzel '76, Warren Pemberton '55, longtime West teacher and coach Gary Link '57

Front - Nyla Grabill Johnson '53 Jan.,
Clara Grabill Callahan '55

Back - Kay Levering, Bill Levering '52,
Jenny Rundle, Karen Saponaro

Front - Jerry Trabue '53 Jan., Bev Trabue

Back - Rita Elliott Stethem '53 Jan., Joanne Griffiths Herbert '48 Jan., Janice Hill Buckingham '48 Jan., Barbara Bell Skipper '51 Jan.,

Front - Richard Hoffman, Janice Schmidt,
Robin Schmidt '49 Jan., Lois Stansell Wittke '49 Jan.

Back - Linda Hessinger Hoffman '65, John Ward '67, 2017 President Susie Katon Ward '70,
Larry Alban '49 Jan.

Front - Wanda Freeman Kelly '54, Jack Kelly '49 Jan.

Back - Sara McPeek Sampson '69, Judy Schmidt O'Brien '60 Jan., Betty Schmidt Williams '55, Tammy Kelly Krebs '75, Don Speakman '49 Jan.

Front - Sharon Pope Justice '61, Sylvia Mattey Schneider '53, Charlene Francis Hampton '53

Back - Liz Burrell '61, Sherul Peters, Dan Pendell '72, Sharmin Seymour Pendell '73

Front - Kai Ferguson, Ron Ferguson

Back - Kim Harrington Ferguson '79, Barb Lloye Farrell '79, Rick Farrell

Class of 1963 (plus friends)

Front -
Rood, our 'most senior' alum at the luncheon - Jeannette Sharpe Maxwell '40 (mother of '63 classmate Drinda Maxwell), Sunya Graham Milner

Back - Charlie Colter, Bob Johnson (Columbus Linden H.S. alum and husband of Lynn), Lynn Fullerton Johnson, Karen Martin Voltz

Missing from the picture: John Frank (playing in the band), Roland Lane, and Dorance Nichols Hornsby (took the picture)

At our Registration Desk - Association Treasurer Phyllis Guyton Taylor '56 and Betty Evans Pabst '56 check everyone in.

Eight Class of 1955 attendees

Ron Forrer, Billie Marzluf Williams, Sue Jackson Thomas, Evelyn Mack Brandt, Clara Grabill Callahan, Betty Schmidt Williams, Dorothy Casteel Pemberton, Warren Pemberton

Singing the Alma Mater -
Rev. Ed Sensenbrenner '50 Jan., Stanton Prior '46, Lois Farrand Sensenbrenner '50 Jan., Charlotte Cranston Prior '50 Jan.

standing - Bryan Finely '69, with Nancy Lloyd Laver '79 (center), and John Frank '63 (front right)
POST PARTY .......
In what has become an annual tradition, several of the Alumni Dance Band members stop in at Minelli's on Sullivant to 'Jam' some more in the evening after the Alumni Luncheon.

Bryan Finley '69 (back left), Nancy Lloyd Laver '79

They played Christmas songs.

John Frank '63 and Brad Laver '75

The somewhat small group of attendees
sang along with the 'band.'
Whether you attend the Alumni Christmas Luncheon next year or not, all are invited to meet at Minelli's in the evening after the luncheon to enjoy the Alumni Band!
You can't help but enjoy this group!