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2016 Alumni Hall of Fame Honorees

Charlie Castle '63, Bette Ham Jenks '45 - accepting for her husband Donald Jenks '44 Jan.,
Mrs. Bradley Richardson - accepting for her husband Dr. Bradley Richardson '47, Lisa Dale Press - accepting for her father, Tommy Dale '45.

(Bios for the 2016 Hall of Fame Honorees are available in the Hall of Fame section of this website.)
2016 Alumni Hall of Fame Chair
Sara McPeek Sampson '69 welcoming everyone to this year's ceremony.
2002 Hall of Fame Honoree Rev. Ed Sensenbrenner giving the Invocation.
2006 Hall of Fame Honoree and 2016 Alumni Association President Paul Pennell '57..
West Principal Mr. Lucas Cech welcoming everyone to West High and the Hall of Fame Ceremony.
John Morlan '65, introducing Charles Castle '63
John Morlan telling a story about when Charlie Castle left a collection of belts on John's front porch as part of an on-going joke between them.
Charlie Castle '63 introducing his family and thanking the Alumni Association for choosing his to receive this honor.
Sara Sampson presenting Charlie Castle's Hall of Fame plaque.
Charlie accepting his plaque along with the one with his picture on it that is now hanging in the hallway, out side the West Library, with the other
Hall of Fame Honorees.
Charlie Castle '63 family with John Morlan who nominated Charlie for the Hall of Fame with Charlie's plaques.
The memorabilia display table for
Honoree Charlie Castle '63.
Lisa Dale Press thanking the Alumni Association for inducting her father, Tommy Dale '45, in to the
Hall of Fame.
She remembered her father talking about his days as
a West student and again when he was a West music teacher. She knew he would be very proud to know he was being honored this way.
Lisa invited her daughter to read a story she wrote about her grandfather for a school project. It included information she learned from her grandfather when talking with him.

Sara Sampson presenting Tommy Dale's Hall of Fame plaque to Lisa Dale Press.
The Thomas Dale '45 family with his
Hall of Fame plaques.
The memorabilia table display for
Honoree Tommy Dale '45.
Bonnie Wisecup Dowell '66 and
Suzanne Johnson Kubin '66 introducing
Don Jenks '44 Jan.
Both knew Don from his impressive involvement
with the Camp Fire program.
Bonnie and Suzanne shared several stories about how Don Jenks helped improve the Camp Fire program.
Sara Sampson presenting Bette Ham Jenks '45 with her husband's Hall of Fame plaques.
Bette's daughters, Dorene Jenks and
Donna Jenks Klise
are standing behind Bette.
Dorene Jenks introducing her other Jenk's family members attending the program.
Dorene Jenks talking about their father and thanking the Alumni Association for bestowing this honor on him. .
Bonnie Wisecup Dowell '66, Dorene Jenks,
Bette Ham Jenks '45,
Donna Jenks Klise,
Suzanne Johnson Kubin '66 with Donald Jenks '44 Jan. Hall of Fame plaques.
The memorabilia table display for
Honoree Donald Jenks '44 Jan.
Barbara Richardson, widow of
Dr. Bradley Richardson '47, and Stephanie Estice, the daughter of Dr. Bradley Richardson, tell a few stories about Dr. Richardson.
Mrs. Barbara Richardson and Stephanie Richardson Estice with
Dr. Richardson's Hall of Fame plaques.
The memorabilia table display for
Honoree Dr. Bradley M. Richardson '47.
The Honoree's display tables.
A photo of some of the 50-plus family and friends who attended at the ceremony.
John Walter '54 and Nancy Hardy Smith '50.