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2016 Alumni Golf Outing
Split Rock Golf Course

Earning honors for the Low Gross Score with a -8 was the foursome of Tom King '71, Steve Finkel '71, Steve Clemons '69, and Brian Fagan '78

Congratulations to Rick Johnson '77, Jim Hoyle '79 (Westland H. S.), and John Walter '54 who took low net honors!
Thank you Barb and Donna.
Barb's husband (and Jim's Hoyle's father) was always called The Chief!
Joe Ditrick '60, Ted Miller '60, Mike Heil '60,
Joe Behling '51

West teacher and Boys' Golf Coach Bryan Haenszel, Mark Edwards,
West teacher and Baseball coach Greg Turchan,
West Principal Luke Cech

Our event chair Bill Kern '60 Jan.,
Pam Briggs '83 (Reynoldsburg H. S. / Capital Ladies' Golf Coach),
Rod Woods '66 (Walnut Ridge), Dr. Rod Fuller '54

We thank the 1963 class for their participation.

Tom Moody '76 (who lives in Hawaii but was in Columbus visiting family!),

Tim Moody (Honolulu, HI, H. S.),
Scott Clifton '91 (Grove City),
Rick Clifton '84 (Grove City)

Jim Hastings '59, Jerry Williams '59,
Tim Weigand '67

Dan McVay '71, Jim McVay '67,
Rick Taylor '66
, Tom King '71
Steve Chrisman '69,
Matt Chrisman '96 (Bloom Carroll),
Steve Ramey '68 (Upper Arlington),

Steve Arnold '69

TEAM 1959!
Bill Clark '59, Phil Gramlich '59,
Larry Dulin '59, Larry Ruder '59

Former West teachers - Ed McCleaf '57,
Dave Ewing '57 ,
and Bob Zadrozny,
with Bob Fleming '76
Leslie Creek '70,
David Easterbrook (New Jersey H. S.),
Alan Groves (Michigan H. S.),
William Corns (Troy H. S.)

Steve Barnard '65, Karen Krueger Barnard '65, Dick Scott '70, Tom Blake '70

Bill Castle '60 Jan., Charlie Castle '63,
Dan Sager '60 (The Plains H. S.), Danny Adams
Dave Chrisman '66, Bill Holt '66, Bill Dennis '60, Pat McAndrew '66 (Bishop Ready H. S.)
Gary Smith '65, John Morlan '65,
John Sines '65, Rick Taylor '66
Craig Hedges '68, Mike Merz '70, Joe Merz '77,
Kyle Merz '08 (Franklin Heights H. S.)
Bob Kistler '68, Jim McKean '68,
Tom Pettit '72, Fred Martin '68
Dan McVay '71, Jim McVay '67,
Lynda Marcum '71,
Curt Marcum '63 (South H. S.)
Going through the buffet line!
Tom Blake '70 sharing a story from his school days!
The shelter house
Bill Kern announcing the prize winners.
Thank you John!


Once again the January 1960 class supported the Alumni event!
Our thanks to Ginger Thrush for her continued support.
Bill Kern passing out awards.
Thanks again Sharon and Paul.
Much appreciation again this year Rep. Curtin!!!
Thank you long-time supporter Gary Showden!