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Earning honors for the Low Gross Score with a -11 was the foursome of John Morlan 65, Pete Eyer 65 (Central H.S.), Bill Westhoff 56 (Central H.S.), and Charlie Keller 64 (Linden H.S.).

Earning honors for the low net score of -68 (score adjusted by years as an alum) was Bill Kern 60 Jan., Rod Woods 66 (Walnut Ridge H.S.), Jim Hoyle 79 (Westland H.S.), and Dr. Rod Fuller 54 Jan.
Just some 'casual time' before the groups get their instructions!

Good friends Charlie Castle '63 and John Morlan '65 discussing strategy?
Just like cowboys on horses - they stir up some dust!

Our thanks to the June 1961 class for purchasing a Hole Sponsor sign to help the event that benefited the Alumni Scholarship Foundation.

We also thank the 1963 class for their participation.

Carts on the course!

Layout sign for #10

Dotty Reese Willis 60 and Dean Potts '59 Jan. 'managing' the 17th hole "Par 3" Challenge.
While several who participated in this Challenge went home with some extra money, it raised $215 for the Scholarship Foundation!
Thank you to all who participated.
Steve Barnard '65, Karen Krueger Barnard '65, Dick Scott '70, Paul Anderson '69 (Pleasant View H.S.)
Karen won Longest Drive and Longest Putt awards!

Bill Clark '59, Phil Gramlich '59. Dennis Gramlich '63 (missing from photo - Larry Dulin '59)

Joe Ditrick '60, Ted Miller '60, Mike Heil '60, Jim Willis '60 Jan.
Leslie Creek '70, Ty Myer '81 (Teays Valley H.S.), Laura Thomas (Middleburg Heights H.S.), David Easterbrook (Germantown H.S.)

Jim Hastings '59, Jerry Williams '59, Jeff Clark '67, Tim Weigand '67

Bob Courtney '56, Darrel Drone '73, Mike Burris '67, Gary Roush '67
No - Mike wasn't using ski polls to golf with!
Pat Greenway '70, John Thompson '77, Joe Leighty '73, Jack Cremeans '82 (South H.S.)
John also won the 50-50, leaving with $125!
Tom King '71, Steve Finkel '71, Steve Clemons '69, Brian Fagan '78
Ed McCleaf '57, Dave Ewing '57, Dave Koblentz, Dave Scheetz
Dave Chrisman '66, Tom Helmick '66,
Bill Dennis '66, Bill Holt '66
Bill Castle '61 Jan., Charlie Castle '63, Larry Graves '63 (Franklin Heights H.S.), Steve Burris '65

The Pink Ball winning team - Darren Allen '77, Bobby Hartman '77, Ron Aufderheide '66, Kathleen Allen Donavan '76.
We hope to see Darren marching this year at Homecoming with the Alumni Marching Band (WHAMBA)!
Sorry we took the photo when your hair was blowing in your face Kathleen!
Steve Ramey '68 (Upper Arlington H.S.), Matt Chrisman '96 (Bloom Carroll), Steve Chrisman '69, Steve Arnold '69
Mick Mantle '72, Steve Mahone '72, Leslie Thompson '65, Bob Kistler '68
Inside the Shelter House after the golfing was done. The Split Rock staff prepared some good grilled hamburgers and brats along with some nice tasting sides.
Program Chair Bill Kern '60 Jan. was announcing the winners.
Thank you John!

Thank you Barb and Donna.
Barb's husband was always called The Chief, hence the sign!

Thank you Gearharts for your support!
Much appreciation Ginger!
Thank you John!
Thanks Sharon and Paul.
Much appreciation Rep. Curtin!!!
We also appreciate Rep. Stinziano for the Hole Sponsorship!
Thank you long-time supporter Gary Showden!