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Alumni Authors' Book Display Opening
March 19
Some of the authors, or his or her representative, left before we got this photo, but those we were there to join us for the photo are the following:
front - Rita Conard Orndorf '68 and Connie Conard Williams '61, sisters of Robert Conard '58 Jan., holding his books The Saga of Kee book I Nogard and The Saga of Kee book II Nubia.
n the right in the front row is Annette Beatty Jefferson '63 holding one of the several books written by her friend Anita Richmond Bunkley '62.
middle row - Elaine Large Lloyd '82, holding one of the books her good friend Amy Hammond '82 wrote. Lora Thrush Yank '83 is holding the book her father, Glenn Thrush '50, authored. Next to Lora is her sister, Ginger Thrush '79 who was also attending for their father.
back row - Elaine Lloyd's husband, Doug, is holding another book authored by Amy Hammond '82. Jim Doycheff '65 is holding one of the two books he has written.
- - -
Oops! Just realized we missed including Jackie (J.M.) Cornwell's '73 books and bio! We plan to add the book photo and Jackie's bio very soon.
Sorry Jackie......
A view of the Library set up for our Opening before the students and staff visited.

Sandra Harrington Quick '68
is shown with her display for the Opening.

Throughout her time during the Opening, Sandra had a steady stream of students visit her display.

Sandra's picture was also in the Columbus Messenger's article about the Opening.

From 1968 Yearbook
French Club, FTA Secretary, G.A.A., Occident Newspaper Staff, Office Monitor, Class Team Basketball, Interschool Volleyball, Class Team - Baseball, After Prom Committee

Bio for Sandra that was displayed at the Opening
I was privileged for 30 years to offer my teaching gifts and talents to the children of Columbus (OH) Public Schools and other Ohio schools as a teacher, High School Principal and Supervisor. I taught English, drama and speech, and directed several student productions.

I performed in several community and faith based productions throughout my young adult years while being a wife and raising a family. I incorporated my own theatre company, Our History Awakens® in 2010.

I am a founding member of We’ve Known Rivers.

I am the author and publisher of the book series, Our History Awakens. Available at The first book, Creating My Living History Avatar, highlights how, as a first person narrative performer, I found my voice to honor our ancestors through the life and times of 18th century slave poet Phillis Wheatley.

The second book, Creating Your Living History Avatar, highlights the fundamental tools the reader needs to create their own living history avatar. This creative character project is through the person of Bessie Stringfield: Motorcycle Queen of Miami and how to preserve your family’s history by creating a genealogical family tree, treasure chest, time capsule.

The third book, Presenting Your Living History Avatar. This book details the practical business side of living history performances such as locating funding sources, finding venues, and marketing tips. (Available at Amazon in 2014)

Connie Conard Williams and Rita Conard Orndorf with the books their brother, Robert Conard '58 Jan. has written.
Robert lives in Guilford, Connecticut.

From the 1958 Yearbook

ROBERT CONARD, 1958 January
French Club 1, 2; Senior Decorating Committee 3; Hall Monitor 3

Current bio for Robert that was displayed at the Opening
Robert Conard was born in Columbus, Ohio in November, 1939. He graduated from West High School January 1958. A Navy veteran, he served on a destroyer as a gunner’s mate during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

At the age of ten, his grandfather read the Iliad to him to him by lantern light in a small town in southern Ohio that had yet to receive electricity. He has been hooked on the classics ever since.

Bob is an avid fisherman and has written several periodicals for the New England Fisherman. He has also written several short stories - Sharks Soup being the most famous.

He currently lives with his wife Priscilla in Guilford, Connecticut.

The Saga of Kee book I Nogard is the first in the trilogy was published in 2012. The second book The Saga of Kee book II Nubia has just been released. The third book The Saga of Kee book III Nanching is a work in progress and will be available later in 2014.

The books can be purchased at and as a Kindle or Nook ebook.

Brent Bill '69
was unable to attend our Opening.
He lives in Mooresville, Indiana, southwest of Indianapolis.
We thought Brent might attend as his parents, who are both 1947 West alums, still live in the Columbus area, but he was traveling for business.

As Brent is in the Alumni Hall of Fame, we also displayed his Hall of Fame plaque (that is generally on display with other Hall of Fame Honorees in the hallway outside the Library) with his books.

From the 1969 Yearbook

Art League, Spanish Club, V. C. Y., Reserve Track Manager

Bio for Brent that was displayed at the Opening
(taken from his 2011 Hall of Fame bio)

Brent is a writer, award-winning photographer, retreat leader, non-profit executive and Quaker minister.

The son of John and JoAnn Shields Bill, both from the class of 1947, Brent lived on the Hilltop until 1975. His sisters Kathleen Bill Kramer ’72, Linda Bill ‘73, and Julie Bill Duff ’75 are also graduates of West High School.

Brent attended West Mound Street, Highland Avenue, and John Burroughs Elementary schools and Hilltonia Junior High. While at West, Brent was active in Art League, Spanish Club, and Victorious Christian Youth. He also was one the managers for the reserve track team.

After leaving West High School, Brent went on to graduate magna cum laude from Wilmington College in Wilmington, Ohio with a major in fine arts/photography and a minor in religion. After studying at Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, he transferred to Earlham School of Religion, a Religious Society of Friends (Quaker) seminary in Richmond, Indiana. There he studied with writers D. Elton Trueblood and Thomas J. Mullen and wrote the draft of what would become his first book.

While in college, Brent served on the staff of Young Life of Central Ohio, where he founded Young Life clubs at West High School and Hilliard High School. He also served as youth pastor at Northwest United Methodist Church in Columbus and then as student associate pastor at First United Methodist Church in Hillsboro, Ohio.

While he was at Earlham School of Religion, Brent served as pastor of Jericho Friends Meeting in Winchester, Indiana. After graduating with his Master’s degree from Earlham, Brent went on to work as Director of Christian Education and Youth at Western Yearly Meeting of Friends for seven years. During that time, he embarked on a publishing career that saw him writing five books, many magazine articles and columns.

After he left Western Yearly Meeting, Brent went to work for various United Way organizations in Indiana. As part of his work as a staff member of Project Giant Step of the Indiana Association of United Ways, he was the founding executive director of United Ways in Franklin, Jennings, and Scott counties. Each of those counties experienced exponential financial growth under his leadership and when he left that position he was awarded keys to the cities of North Vemon and Scottsburg.

Upon leaving United Way, Brent became pastor of Friends Memorial Church in Muncie, Indiana. While there, he was also the creative writing instructor at Earlham School of Religion, his alma mater. He continues to teach at Earlham School of Religion on an occasional basis In Muncie, Brent was active in civic affairs and continued his writing career.

After his time at Friends Memorial Church ended, Brent assumed the executive vice presidency of the Indianapolis Center for Congregations. The Indianapolis Center for Congregations is a multi-million dollar project of Lilly Endowment, Inc. and is involved in consulting, education, and grant-making. Brent is the Chief Operating Officer and oversees the consulting and grant-making practices, the communications department, investments, and daily operations of this statewide organization Brent continues to be a prolific writer and photographer. To date, he has written, co-written, contributed to, or edited more than twenty books.

His most popular titles include Holy Silence: The Gift of Quaker Spirituality, Sacred Compass: The Way of Spiritual Discernment, Rock and Roll: Proceed with Caution, and Lunch is My Favorite Subject. The latter title was the first in a series of light humor books for teens set in a fictitious high school based on West High School. His newest book, Awaken Your Senses: Exercises in Exploring the Wonder of God, was released in February 2012. One reviewer said of Brent’s writing that it is friendly, warm, and wise – “something like Mister Rogers Meets the Dalai Lama.”

Brent specializes in black and white photography and his pictures have appeared in books and magazines around the world. He is listed in Indiana Children’s Book Authors and illustrators, Contemporary Authors, Who’s Who in Religion and Who’s Who Among US Authors and Editors.

Brent is married to Nancy (Pierson) Bill and they live on Ploughshares Farm, southwest of Indianapolis, Indiana. Ploughshares Farm consists of fifty acres being reclaimed into native tall grass prairie and hardwood forest. Brent has two sons, Benjamin (Hachinohe, Japan) and Timothy (Indianapolis, Indiana), and four step- children, Michele Ragan Schreck, Laura LaPorte, Lisa Peterson, and Christopher Ragan.
Jim Remington '46 Jan. lives in La Habra Heights, CA and did not attend.

Jim is a 2007 Hall of Fame Honoree, so we also displayed his plaque with his book,
Advance to History.

From the 1946 Yearbook

Basketball 1, 2, 3 - All City 2; Hi-Y 2, 3 - Sergeant at Arms 2; City Hi-Y; Softball Champs 2; Spanish Club 2, 3 – VP 3; Latin Club 1; “W” Association 2, 3; Photoplay Club 2; 100% Club 2; Intramural Basketball Champs 1, 2; Senior Entertainment Chair 3; Room Welfare, Chair 1; Hall Monitor 1, 2; Scrap Drive 1, 2; Paper Drive 2, 3; Commando Training 3; Entertainment Committee Senior Prom

Bio for Jim that was displayed at the Opening
(taken from his 2007 Alumni Hall of Fame bio)

I grew up on the Historic Hilltop attending West Broad Elementary and West Junior and Senior High. I am very indebted to my excellent West teachers who forced the basic skills on me, a less than receptive student, and who gave me a foundation for success in the future.

I played basketball at West and led the city in scoring. That got me an invitation to play basketball at Ohio State. Because they did not give scholarships for playing basketball at that time, I served in the Army for two years to attend college on the GI Bill.

On my discharge I enrolled at Ohio State where I played basketball from 1948-1951. I was captain in 1951. There have been three Ohio State captains from West High. Myself, Dick Furry ’56 Jan. in 1960, the National Championship Team, and Michael Redd ‘97 in 1999.

I have donated a basketball scholarship to Ohio State University as a thank you for my college education and basketball experience. Basketball has been a bridge to many events in my life.

After Ohio State, I started teaching and coaching high school in Ohio. During one summer I drove to California to visit West High friends. One alum arranged a blind date with a lady who turned out to be my future wife.

The following summer we moved back to California, and I took a job at California High School in Whittier coaching basketball and golf.

I wrote a book about the volunteer advance work I did for Presidents Ford, Bush and Reagan in the 70s and 80s - Advance to History. I had 42 assignments over 13 years with eight of them in foreign countries. I wrote about the humorous events that happened to these famous people.

All the proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to the National Foundation for Cancer Research in honor of my wife who died from cancer in 2003.

I had a wonderful life with a quality lady at my side for 50 years, two children still within a mile of my home, and two grandchildren, also in Whittier.

I have been away from Columbus for a long time, but on return I am treated like I was never away. It’s such a bonus to maintain friendships with so many good people from West High.

Peggy Edwards '60
has published a book of poems titled Fingerprints and Snowflakes. She describes it as a book of 'light verse, poetry, and prose.'

Peggy lives in the Columbus area. She is the primary care giver for her mother who has been having some very difficult problems that kept Peggy from attending.

From 1960 Yearbook
PEGGY EDWARDS, 1960 January
French Club 1, 2, 3; Y-Teens 1, 2; Bank Teller 2, 3; Cashier for Mr. Schneider 2, 3

Bio for Peggy that was displayed at the Opening

Peggy J. Edwards lives in Columbus, Ohio.

In the year since her first book of poetry was published, Peggy has developed a half-hour poetry program that she has performed at senior center, retirement homes and libraries. Light verse is one of her favorite forms of poetry, but she also writes serious poetry and prose.

Jim Doycheff '65
has written two books -
Excuse Me, I'm Going to Kill my Hairdresser!
and Men are Pigs, Pass the Barbecue Sauce.

From 1965 Yearbook

Student Council, Hy-Y, Beginning Choir, Senior Choir, Variety Show

Bio for Jim that was displayed at the Opening
James Doycheff is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in Communications.

For over 40 years he has worked as a hair designer, educator, platform artist, and salon owner. A former professional actor/singer, James has returned to the stage to present educational hair seminars, specializing in communication skills for clients and stylists.

His lifelong love of show business, including vaudeville, radio, television, movies and music, led to a career as a singer and actor in the 1960’s. In the 1970’s, James performed the title role in Jesus Christ, Superstar with a national touring company. He followed with a long, successful nightclub career.

After opening for the Beach Boys and Creedance Clearwater at a 1999 outdoor concert for 13,000 screaming fans, Jim’s group, the Vocal Jam went on to produce their own shows at the iconic Valley Dale, Vets Memorial, Hyatt Regency, Aladdin Shrine Center and Makoy Center, their home for the last nine years.

The Doycheff Vocal Jam presents three hours of continuous music. The jitterbug, swing, cha cha, line dances and slow jams will keep you on the dance floor. The spirit of American Bandstand and Soul Train lives on.

Our inspiration was drawn from the 1950’s rock & roll shows at New York's Paramount Theater and the Motown bus tours of the 1960’s. We never spoof or parody this great music. We present these golden oldies with respect, reverence and authenticity.

Today, James is the producer/director/writer of the Doycheff Vocal Jam, a music revue of the 50’s and 60’s classic hits, featuring Rock & Roll, Soul and Doo Wop.

He is married and the father of three children.
A current West student stops to talk with Ginger Thrush '79 and Lora Thrush Yank '83 about Ginger and Lora's father's book Inspired Poems.

Ginger and Lora represented their father, Glenn Thrush '50, for the Opening.

From 1950 Yearbook
GLENN (Bill) THRUSH, 1950
Baseball 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, Student Council 1; Latin Club 1

Bio for Glenn that was displayed at the Opening
Bio taken from the book
Every poem (in my book) has been inspired by a person, a place, or a special need for a card. It has never been easy for me to just sit down and make up a poem. However, when the inspiration is there, the words flow.

For this book, I have chosen poems about everyday life and things that happen to all of us: care repair, finances, a trip to the grocery store, etc.

Without the help of my wife, Susan, this book would have never been. She insisted that I start keeping my work. She also suggested that we do our own Christmas cards each year, thus the collection of Christmas poems in the last part of the book.

As we traveled through life, she suggested that maybe a book was possible. I didn’t think so, but she prevailed and Inspired Poems came about.

My hometown is Columbus, Ohio, where I attended Ohio State University. I served in the United States Air Force as a radio operator. I’ve been employed by two newspapers, Columbus Dispatch and the Phoenix Republic.

My hobbies are golf and tennis.

Glenn Thrush died December 16, 2010

Betty Hill Scott '57 (on the right) is pictured with a cousin (on the left) and long-time friend,
Stanley Landrum '59 Jan.

Betty is an ordained minister, choir director, and has sang at the Apollo Theater in NYC with her sister (one older and one younger) in the Hill Sisters Trio!

Betty has written two books.

From 1957 Yearbook

Choir 1; Chorus 1; V.C.Y; 1, 2; Tax Stamp Show 2; Band Variety Show 1

Bio for Betty that was displayed at the Opening
Betty L. (Hill) Scott was a June 1957 graduate of West High School.

Betty has a Master of Arts in Professional Pastoral Counseling, and is a licensed clinical pastoral counselor. She is also a certified temperament therapist and an ordained minister in the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana).

Betty is the founder of Living Waters (counseling) Ministries in Columbus, Ohio.

She is a published author and composer of music, the stepmother of two sons, five grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Betty is a retired case manager from the Franklin County Office on Aging, in her home town of Columbus, Ohio.
The West students and staff invited to visit our Alumni Book Display Opening during their lunch time.
Westside Messenger Reporter Debra Cordle takes notes as she talks with Betty Hill Scott '57 about
her books.

Annette Beatty Jefferson '63 is showing one of the many books her good friend, Anita Richmond Bunkley '62 has authored

Anita could not attend as she lives in the Houston, Texas area.

A better display of the books Anita mailed to us for the Opening.

From the 1962 Yearbook
Spanish Club - Vice President, Senior Choir, Marching Band, “L” Society

Bio for Anita that was displayed at the Opening
(taken from her 2008 Alumni Hall of Fame bio)
Anita is a native of Columbus, Ohio, who now lives in Houston, Texas with her husband, Crawford. She has two grown daughters - Angela Caraway, a banking attorney in Houston, TX and Ramona Rajdev, a photographer in San Jose, California.

Anita is a multi-published author of historical fiction, contemporary fiction, romance, and non-fiction with fourteen published works to her credit.

She is a member of the Texas Institute of Letters and has been published by major publishing houses such as Penguin, USA, HarperCollins, Kensington, and Harlequin.

Many of her books have appeared in Literary Guild, Doubleday Book Club, Black Expressions Book Club, and on a variety of bestseller lists in both hardcover and paperback. She is represented by Denise Marcel Literary Agency, Inc. New York, NY.

With so many years invested in the publishing industry, Anita understands the challenges that authors face, whether they are seasoned or a novice. For the past six years she has worked with many writers to help them shape their manuscripts for eventual publication by offering services in cover story concept assessment, revision consultation, line editing, and proofreading.

Before becoming a full time writer, Anita worked as a teacher of French, Spanish and ESL in Columbus, Charlotte NC and Houston, TX.

For four years she was a writer in residence for Houston's Writers in the Schools Program. She also held directorial positions with the Social Security Administration, the American Red Cross, and Youth for Understanding.

An NAACP IMAGE AWARD nominee, Anita Bunkley was voted one of the 50 favorite African American authors of the twentieth century by the on-line African American Literature Book Club.

She is the 2007 winner of the Career Achievement Award in African American Fiction from Romantic Times magazine, the foremost trade magazine for writers of romance.

Amy Hammond '82
has written two children's books.

Amy lives in Hawaii and could not attend, but her good friend and classmate Elaine Large Lloyd and Elaine's husband, Doug, represented Amy for our Book Display Opening.

Showing a current West student that has been talking with Elaine about Amy's books.

From the 1982 Yearbook
Weskets 2, 3 - squad leader, 4 captain; Variety Show 2, 4; Class Teams 2, 3, 4; Presidents’ Council 3, 4; Student Advisory Council 3, Ski Club 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; President, Girls State Alternate 3, Guidance Monitor 3; I.O.E. 3; Bluffton College Leadership Seminar 3

Bio for Amy that was displayed at the Opening
Amy is the President of Special Events Hawaii, Inc., a full-service promotional company specializing in marketing and event production in Hawaii for the past 21 years.

Her staff is capable of handling all promotional aspects necessary to support organizations including creative development, coordination, marketing, advertising and public relations. Special Events Hawaii works closely with customers to tailor a marketing plan specifically designed for a particular objective and will then implement that plan.

Special Events Hawaii can also plan and execute entire events from conception to on-site management through post-evaluation or provide assistance in specific areas only. They are capable of handling small private gatherings to such events as block parties attracting upwards of 10,000 people or festivals with gatherings of 40,000 plus.

Special Events Hawaii can provide the hands on attention and communication necessary to have a smooth and successful activity designed to fit specific needs. Services include: Event Production Marketing Consultation, Advertising Consulting, Public Relations Consulting, Media Buying, Exposition Production, Food and Beverage Coordination and Entertainment Booking.

Note: At the encouragement of her teacher, Mrs. Sara Sampson, Ms. Hammond applied for and received a scholarship to the University of Hawaii where she was awarded an Honors BA degree in Communications in 1987.

Fred Casselman '57
has written a book titles FRESH AIR, New Visions for the Catholic Church.

Fred lives in Framingham, MA and was unable to attend our Opening.

From the 1957 Yearbook
Hi-Y 2; Latin Club 1; V.A.C, 2, 3; State Science Day 2; Advanced Radio 3

Bio for Fred that was displayed at the Opening
Fred is a graduate of West High School class of ‘57.

Back at West High in those days, it would have seemed highly, highly unlikely that he would one day write a book on the Catholic Church. He knew very little about the Church except that Catholic girls had a reputation as hot dates. Being a shy teenage boy, however, this information only came to him by hearsay, not from actual experience.

After West High, he spent several years at the Ohio State University and upon graduation, his first job took him to Massachusetts. It was there that he had a really hot date one evening. Her name was Carol. Yes, she was Catholic. He fell very much in love with her and eventually with her Church.

As Fred got to know the Church better over the years, he began to develop insights and visions into ways the Church could be more than it is. He started writing down his ideas. A Catholic sister associated with his Church encouraged him to publish his writings.

In his book, he focused on creating a sense of harmony, love, and beauty, both in the words and in the book design. It’s not a long book but is exactly the length it is needing to be.

By the way, Fred and Carol have been married now for 45 years. They have a daughter and a son and four lovely, engaging grandchildren. Several years ago, they renewed their wedding vows at a special Mass at the Basilica of San Francesco (St. Francis) d'Assisi.

They love attending Fred's West High class reunions and have seldom missed one.

I’ve been making art for many years, but my work as an author and book designer is more recent. My art is intended to express a sense of harmony, love, and beauty, I strive for this same enlightened feeling in my writings and in my book designs.

And here’s my first book, Fresh Air; New Visions for the Catholic Church.

The nautilus shell photo is the cover design for Fred's 55th Reunion program. Here’s the story behind the cover design for our 55th class reunion booklet.
In preparing my Fresh Air book, I wanted to create my own book design to complement and enhance the book’s message. A fair amount of time went into the design, applying my background as an artist. And finally I was pleased. I sent it off to my design consultant and anxiously awaited her approval and words of congratulations. What came back instead was five pages of things I needed to think about.
Realizing that an artist does not a designer make, it was back to the drawing boards. I purchased and studied books on design principles. I also browsed through countless other books for ideas and inspirations, focusing especially on poetry and art books.
After many months and several iterations later, the final design was ready. Perhaps not perfect, but much, much better than my first attempt.
Three months later, as our 55th West High School reunion approached, I was contacted by LaFrench Ingram with a request to design a cover for the reunion program booklet. Calling on my newly-acquired design skills, I came up with a cover that featured my image of a chambered nautilus shell. Although it was not the traditional “West High look”, the reunion committee gave their full approval.
The words I selected to go with the design were as follows:
“The shell featured on the cover is a Chambered Nautilus. As the Nautilus grows, it creates new, wider and larger chambers that are perfectly proportionate. A lifeline connects one chamber to the next, so previous rooms are left behind but not forgotten. The Nautilus is emblematic of continuity, change and interconnectedness—a beautiful motif for our 55th reunion.”
Glenn Karshner '59 wrote Story of Early Ohio TSCHINQUE. It is part fiction but based on some family history.

Glenn's widow, Sue Lucas Karshner '61 Jan. originally planned to attend on Glenn's behalf but was unable to make it.


Bio for Glenn that was displayed at the Opening
(taken from his book)

Glenn grew up in Columbus and was educated in Columbus public schools.

Wanting to write about the Karshner families involvement of the early settlement of Ohio was first realized while studying Ohio’s Sesquicentennial in 1953 when attending John Burrough Elementary School in Columbus, Ohio.

Over fifty years later and Ohio’s Bicentennial celebration year passing, with many long hours of research, Glenn’s dream came to fruition. The novel Tschinque (T-chink’-wa) was completed.

Per the family history, Glenn’s great, great grandfather Daniel saved a relative of the Shawnee Chief Tecumseh. Tschinque in Shawnee means large lion or cat. Tecumseh was suppose to have said it was like the story in the Bible about “Daniel in the Lion’s Den.” So, Daniel’s name to the Shawnee was Tschinque.

A season for everything was his comment when asked what took so long. Other life events took priority like marriage, children, spending over thirty years in the paper industry as a salesman, owner of paper converting companies, and buying and selling mill rolls as a paper broker. During this period writing about Ohio’s early history was never far from his mind.

With retirement the opportunity to follow his dream of publishing his family history and their settling in the new State of Ohio was realized. Enjoy the read!

“Tschinque is historical fiction written about the early pioneers who came to the Ohio River Valley when it was still a part of the Northwest Territory. Its characters are first generation Americans, men and women who were searching for opportunity and a new beginning on land in the wilderness. They experienced a sense of adventure as they traveled west over the Allegheny Mountains to settle an area that would become a part of the Unites States of America when Ohio became a state in 1803.
The main character, Daniel Karshner, actually lived from 1771 to 1852.
Daniel first came to Ohio in 1796 as one of the early settlers in Salt Creek Valley, now a part of Hocking County, Ohio. That first year he met and became friends with other early Ohioans, men like William Henry Harrison, Edward Tiffin, Nathaniel Massie, Duncan McArthur, and Thomas Worthington.
Another friendship he made that first summer was with Tecumseh, Chief of the Shawnee; their paths crossed many times.”

The name Kirschner comes from kursen in High German, meaning furrier or fur cloak. During the period when people began taking family names (the 1300s), their family had worked with furs, making them into coats.

Ed Easterly '49
has written three books: Hilltop Roundup, Columbus City League, and Undefeated and Untied.

(We apologize, but we could not get our hands on Columbus City League.)

Ed lives in Nicholasville, KY. He was unable to attend, but he was pleased to have his books included in the display.

And for any interested, we have a few copies of Ed's very popular Hilltop Roundup available to sell for $18 plus shipping.
Contact any Alumni Association officer for information.

From the 1949 Yearbook
Hi-Y 2; Latin Club 1; V.A.C, 2, 3; State Science Day 2; Advanced Radio 3
Edward Easterly 1949 Baseball 1; Football 2, 3; Welfare Chairman Paper Drive 1, 2, 3; Scrap Drive; Hi-Y Sports Editor Occident; Annual Staff

Bio for Ed that was displayed at the Opening
(taken from the book Forward)

Inspiration for my third book centers on Hilltop public schools development of community youth over the past nine decades. It seems the answer lies in part with the 15 physical schoolhouses themselves.

These are the institutions where students are domiciled. Here they listen, observe, and learn in the classroom. Here they dine in the cafeteria, recreate in the gym and playground, and interact with peers throughout common facilities.

Next essential – or first if you prioritize – would be teachers and administrators. Nothing of the learning experience comes to fruition in the halls of academia without competent, dedicated, development minded teachers in each of the study specialties.

Skilled principals and aids are vital to coordinate, to organize, to assure policy and behavior codes are in place and given strict heed.

Finally, attention deservedly must go to the end product, the high school graduates. They are a glowing advertisement for the school and the faculty at commencement. Much more so if the graduate achieves a high level of success in the competitive world after secondary school.

West has had its share of favored sons that reached the heights in college football. At least eight made it to the pros with significant impact . . . in football and other sports.

The author’s initial venture into book publication was November 3, 1997 when Undefeated and Untied was offered to the Hilltop audience. Over 50% of the 68-page treatise on West High School history dealt with the 1947 undefeated powerhouse.

With that fact in mind, a decision was made to purposely omit much individual and team data from 1947 (in the Hilltop Roundup book).

Columbus City League was unveiled August 5, 1998. A 184-page history dissertation on Columbus Public Schools, Columbus history, and City League football had 14 of its pages devoted to the 1997 West co-champions and divisional playoff winner.

Westside Messenger photo by Dedra Cordle

The Messenger included this photo on the front page of their March 23 edition along with a great article on our Opening.

The photo shows Sandra Harrington Quick '68 speaking to students (from left to right) Kristen Pyles, Janiyah Joyce, Byron White and Tomasa Velazquez about her book “Our History Awakens: Creating My Living History Avatar.

Jackie (J.M.) Cornwell '73 has has written Past Imperfect, Haunted Encounters; Departed Family & Friends, and Life's Spices From Seasoned Sistahs in addition to having contributed to several other books.

Living in Colorado Springs kept Jackie from attending our Opening.


Bio for Jackie that was displayed at the Opening

Jackie Cornwell writes under the byline of J. M. Cornwell and is a contributor to several Chicken Soup for the Soul and Cup of Comfort anthologies, among others. She is also the author of several other books.

Her first solo novel, Past Imperfect, was published in July, 2009 by L&L Dreamspell.

She is a nationally syndicated journalist, security columnist, author, and book reviewer for both and

She was a professional editor and chief webmaster for award-winning The Rose & Thorn literary e-zine until June 2004. She also designs the covers and illustrations for The Rose & Thorn.

She writes “Grammer Goofs,” book reviews, and teaches characterization, humor, and writing at, “Occam’s Razor,” a paranormal column, for, runs Creative Ink, LLC, a professional editing service, and launched a new magazine called Living Voices in December 2004.

J.M. also writes book reviews for and is the new host of horror literature at Bella Online. She keeps several blogs online and invites you to read some of her work online at the Red Room.

Jackie lives in Colorado Springs after spending the intervening decades of traveling around the country. She is always searching for the perfect place to build a cabin by a lake.

Her most recent novel is Among Women about a young woman who is abandoned in New Orleans and jailed on a false charge.

In 2003 the Alumni Association decided to compile recipes from alumni and have a cookbook published. It took until 2005 for the book to be printed.

Since then the Alumni Association has taken our cookbook to most of the events we have. We have sold many to our alumni and any others who have an interest in a great collections of recipes, all submitted by West Alums.

We still have some of the cookbooks available, if any are interested! They are $10 each.

So to all alumni who contributed to our cookbook - consider yourself a 'printed author' who participated in our Alumni Author Book Display Opening!

This is our first Alumni Book Display at West after the March 19 Opening.
It was installed the week of March 24.

The display includes books and bios for Brent Bill '69 (on the left) and Sandra Harrington Quick '68 (on the right). The display window is in the back hallway, close to being across from the Cafeteria.

We are pleased to add that both Brent and Sandra have donated their books to the West Library.

We plan to have all Alumni author's books on display before the school year ends.
Our 2nd Alumni Book Display was installed April 14. This includes the books of JACKIE (J.M.) CORNWELL, 1973 (on the left) and JACK HOWELL '54 (on the right).

This display will remain up until mid May.