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Class of 1963 - 50th Class Reunion
June 7-9, Marriott, Roberts Rd.

Friday evening we gathered with the majority wearing our 50th Class Reunion T-shirts!

However, the reunion really got started Friday morning when our fearless leader, Lynn Fullerton Johnson, organized an outstanding golf event.

Although it was a little cool out on the course at the beginning, after the sun was out a while, it warmed to a decent temp.

Our thanks to Dottie Clark for ALL of these photos! When did she have time to take these!

First in a cart - Bob Landthorn and Tom Finlinson

Tom Finlinson

The Johnson and Johnson cart!
front - Jeff Reeder and John James (Larry's son)
2nd row - Charlie Castle, Bob Johnson, Lynn Fullerton Johnson, Mike Porter
3rd row - Jim Burden, Pam Miller Berry, Linda Brunner Gosiorowski, Bob Landthorn, Gary James
4th row - Les Swinford and Judy Linn (Victor's wife)
back row - Tom Finlinson, Mike Totman, Mike Steiff, Victor Linn
I DIDN'T DO IT!!! (Says Lynn to missing)

Lynn Johnson,
Bob Johnson,
John James,
Gary James

John James (those young guys can really swing at it!)
Hit that ball Bob Johnson!
Gary James

Eyes on the ball Lynn!

Linda Gosiorowski,
Mike Porter,
Pam Berry,
Jim Burden
Mike Porter - looks like a Home Run!
Jim Burden

Good looking swing Linda!
She is swinging so fast it blurred the photo!
Pam lines her club up. (For those who can't find Pam in our yearbook, she didn't finish high school at West. She moved out of the district, but she has returned for several of our reunions!)
Doug Byerly watching where his ball went......
Mike Steiff is going for the long-ball!
Victor Linn,
Judy Linn,
Mike Steiff,
Doug Byerly

Victor Linn lining one up.
Judy Linn
Judy Linn
Les Swinford,
Jeff Reeder,
Charlie Castle,
Tex Hysell

Charlie Castle takes his turn on the Tee!
fancy 'schmancy' golf club there Les Swinford  
Les hits it off the tee.
Jeff takes a swing at it!  
Tex lines his club up.
Ann Lehman Rogers,
Mike Totman,
Tom Finlinson,
Bob Landthorn

Mike Totman
Bob Landthorn
.Tom Finlinson  
Ann Lehman Rogers
Wayne Messick,
Charlie Coulter,
Sandy Householder Miles,
Linda Dillon Pennington
Some of our reunion committee members getting everything ready for Friday evening!
Sandy Householder Miles
Some of the 'throwback' 60s signage made for our 40th reunion being re-used at our 50th!
Dorance Nichols Hornsby, Linda Dillon Pennington, and Sandy Householder Miles
Charlie Coulter
in the background.
Linda Dillon Pennington,
Karen Martin Voltz,
Sandy Householder Miles
A representative from the Westgate Home and Garden show being held the following day attended to sell tickets and show the beautiful book they will be selling during and following the show.
Charlie Coulter, Suzanne Morgan, Ron Weber  
Janet Kelly Righter trying out our Cowboy Cutout.
This was made for our 40th Reunion, attended our 45th Reunion, and was back again this year to celebrate with us!
We're glad a few alumni took the time to have pictures taken with it.
Leland (now Lee) Wines showing us one of the awarding winning homemade wines he brought with him all the way from California. Lee generously brought six bottles of the wine for us to use in our Silent Auction. The least amount bid for a bottle was $40, so the six bottles added a nice sum to the $1037 total amount we made on our Auction.
Thank you Lee!
Attempt #1
Friday evening at our Mixer!

Oh my, try getting a large group of 68-year-old classmates in proper lines for a group photo!
Where are the professional photographers!

Ladies and gentleman - the camera is THIS WAY!
Attempt #2
Again ladies and gentlemen - look straight ahead.......
Attempt #3
(You will be glad to know we didn't include all of the others that were taken!)
Gerald Walters and Victor Linn
Pam Wallar Duncan,
Trish (Pat) Campbell Stiehm,
Sandy Householder Miles
Duane Hallman
Carol Rood,
Bev Kimball Daugherty,
Polly Williams Robbins
Barb Garrett Carpenter didn't make and decorate our cakes, but she did have a friend do them.
They were so nice - and good!
Thank you Barb for your help.
Surrounding the cakes were plates of yummy cookies. The cowboy hats were complements of the hotel manager. She made a special trip to buy them for some of her staff to wear during the weekend.
We would expect that any future West class reunions might also seem them used again!
Dottie Clark's award table!
The AMAZING trophy the Dance Contest winner took home!
Bev Kimball Daugherty had the idea for us to have an Art and Craft Show. And it was a big hit!
Da Plane! DA Plane!
Dick Robbins contribution to ours how.
He built this plane and claimed it can really fly.
It is a beauty!
Several smaller items by other classmates can be seen on the table and on easels. .
We had knitted pieces, crocheted pieces, paintings, a wood carved piece, a stone carved piece, jewelry - just about anything you could think of.
Some of the items in our Silent Auction - the stuffed animals were made by Joellen Deyo Mitchell. They also contributed to the $1037 we netted that was given to the Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.
The wonderful basket was put together by Karen Zielke Whyte. She and her husband made all of the food products it included.
Dottie Clark bought and donated the Toy Story movable cowboy characters that were also in the Silent Auction.
(The word on the street was these were actually Dottie's personal toys, but we can't confirm that.....)
The cake was baked and decorated by Jane Athey Van Fossen. The wine, of course by Lee Wines. The photo is of Lee's wine label, which happens to be his house!
One of the Westgate Home and Garden Books was in the Auction as was some of our leftover 50th Class Reunion T-shirts!
Cheerleader and Weskett uniforms!
Previous class reunion photos and many other photo contributed by classmates for our display.
Many other photos and pieces of memorabilia, including the class photo taken just before we graduated in the end zone of Magly Field.
At our 40th Reunion, Pat brought several of the large copies. He had taken the original to Staples the afternoon of our Saturday reunion and got the copies. He passed them all out to classmates. The smaller three group photos on the left were 9th grade group photos printed in the Dispatch from the three junior high's that fed in to West.
Our good friends from the Alumni Association - Pay Pendell '46 and Nancy Hardy Smith '50 - manning the Alumni Association table on Saturday evening.
Carol Rood,
Drinda Maxwell,
Jane Athey Van Fossen,
Karen Martin Voltz
Bill Johannes leaving the way......
Georgiana Dotson Waters,
Bob Waters,
Roland Lane
Shirley Forgrave Nyhan (and no, we don't know what she is up to!)
Bill and Bev Kimball Daugherty
Bill was enormously helpful.
He made all of the DVD that nearly every classmate ordered!
We don't know for sure, but since that is Polly Williams Robbins sitting there, we 'assume' that is Dick and not his brother Bob!
Dick and Polly were actually registering everyone in Saturday evening and passing out name tags.
Lee Wines and Drinda Maxwell
Debbie Guenther Sharfenaker and Carol Rood
Keep those name tags straight Dick. We don't want confuse anyone by having them wear the wrong one.
Pam Wallar Duncan
John and Phyllis Moore Frank '65
The awesome Alumni Dance Band. Made of mostly of West alumni. John Frank often plays with the group. Since it was his reunion, he sat out this night.
Dorance Nichols Hornsby lets the group know about the Alumni Association and encourages everyone to join.
She is the 2013 Alumni Association president.

The tiara was one of Dottie's many awards given out!
Sunday morning, after the Memorial Service for our deceased classmates, the Reunion Committee gathered for a photo.
front - Bev Kimball Daugherty, Lynn Fullerton Johnson, Dottie Clark, Dorance Nichols Hornsby, Carol Rood
middle - Suzanne Morgan, Karen Martin Voltz, Sandy Householder Miles, Linda Dillon Pennington, Polly Williams Robbins, Dick Robbins
back - Pat Pancoast Laderer, John Frank, Ron Weber, Debbie Guenther Sharfenaker
A few gathered later Sunday after the Memorial Service
left side - Bev Kimball Daugherty, Bill Daugherty, Carol Rood
right side - Jane Athey Van Fossen, Drinda Maxwell, Wanda Bailey Burke, Bill Burke
OOPS - Dottie Clark must have been taking the last picture - now she is there!
Before they part - a final picture - Drinda Maxwell, Carol Rood, Bev Kimball Daugherty, Wanda Bailey Burke, Dottie Clark, Jane Athey Van Fossen.
Class Reunion Treasurer, Lynn Fullerton Johnson, giving a symbolic check to the Alumni Association Treasurer, Bob Roach '57 for the $1037 our class donated to the Alumni Scholarship Fund.
Our class can be very proud of our donation. It is one of the larger amounts given to the Alumni Association from a Class Reunion.