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2013 Alumni Hall of Fame Reception and Introductions - September 8.
The West High School Alumni Association
proudly recognized their 2013 Hall of Fame Honorees.

Bill Neill, accepting for Herbert Akerberg '17 (deceased)

Nyla Grabill Johnson '53
accepting for her husband, Ted Johnson '52 (deceased)

Kenneth Mahan '48

Ann McKinley Hanby '41
and Don Hanby '41 accepting for Helen Myers King '29

Herbert Akerberg '17
We were not able to locate any living relatives for Mr. Akerberg.
He moved from the Columbus area many years ago.
Ted Johnson '52
Kenneth Mahan '48
Helen Myers King '29
Mrs. King was unable to attend the reception due to her health.

Mr. and Mrs. Hanby, who nominated her for the Hall of Fame, took her plaque to her so she was able to see it.

Unfortunately, Mrs. King died September 30 at the age of 102. The Hall of Fame plaque was displayed at her visitation service.
Ann McKinley Hanby '41 and Don Hanby '41 accepting for Helen Myers King '29
The Johnson Family with good friends (on the right) Anita Stout Raike '53 Jan, Bud Raike '53 Jan., and Ed Sensenbrenner '50 Jan.

The Mahan Family

Kenneth and Pat Wolfendale Mahan '48
We thank Dick Sherman '49 for all of the following pictures he took the day of the Hall of Fame Reception.
The West Library, just as the guests were arriving.

Friends reconnecting

The five beautiful display cases for the Alumni Hall of Fame plaques. The cases are in the hallway leading south from the main lobby. They are just outside the Library.
This display is available for all students and guests who visit the school.

2013 Alumni Association President Dorance Nichols Hornsby '63 with former Association President Nancy Hardy Smith '50
West Principal Jason Johnson welcomes everyone to West High and the Alumni Hall of Fame Ceremony.
William Neill is an amateur radio enthusiast and the one who first let us know about Herbert Akerberg's involvement with amateur radios and his very important use of one during the 1913 flood.
Sara Sampson '69 reading the plaque for Herbert Akerberg that will be on display in an Alumni Hall of Fame cabinet.
Bud Raike '53 Jan. providing bio information for
Ted Johnson '52.
Nyla Grabill Johnson '53 Jan. thanking her good friend, Bud Raike, for the very nice words he said about her deceased husband Ted Johnson.
Sara Sampson presenting Nyla Johnson with
Ted's plaque.
Nyla Grabill Johnson thanking the Alumni Association for honoring her husband.
Ann McKinley Hanby '41 reading the bio on her good friend Helen Myers King '29.
Sara Sampson presenting Ann Hanby and her husband, Don '41, the plaque for Helen King.
Dick DeRoberts '48 reading the bio for his good friend Kenneth Mahan '48.
Kenneth Mahan accepting his Hall of Fame plaque from Sara Sampson.
Kenny thanking the Alumni Association.
Another great photo of the Ted Johnson family and friends. They had a large contingent (over 20!) of children and grandchildren drive over from their homes in the Carmel, IN area for the reception.
Ann and Don Hanby proudly displaying the plaque for Helen King. .
Second from the left, Anne Herbert Frank '48 (Greensburg, KY) and on the far right her brother, John Herbert '44 (Phoenix, AZ).
They are related to Helen King and attend with other family members to surprise Helen by being there. They were unaware Helen was ill and unable to attend.