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Congratulations to the winning team with the Low Gross Score with a -10.

Bill Westhoff '56 (Central),
John Sines '65,
John Morlan '65,
Gary Smith '65

Congratulations the team of Bob Courtney '56,
Bill Johnson '66
Gary Roush '67,
Darrell Drone '73,
for having the Low Net Score (adjusted by years as an alum) category.
Their score - minus 67!

Congratulations to Ron Ratcliff '56 for winning the trophy for the
Longest Drive on #16.
Congratulations Bill Castle '60 Jan.
for coming all the way from Alabama to win the trophy for being
Closest to the Pin on #17
Thank you Volunteers for showing up before 7am to be ready before the golfers arrived!
It was 'almost' daylight when they arrived....
l. to r. - Dean Potts '59 Jan, John Ward '67, Sharon Dent Pennell '68 Jan., Paul Pennell '67


TEAM 1956
2013 Alumni Association VP Bill Pabst '56,
Gary Nebinger '56 Jan., Ron Radcliffe '56,
Cliff Eagleton '56

Tom Abrahm '58 Jan., Norm Tracy '57, Tom Abrahm '78 (Briggs), Brent Wohrle '87 (Ready)

Jim Hastings '59, Warren Pemberton '55,
Jeff Clark '67, Tim Weigand '67

Once again, our winning team of
Bob Courtney '56, Darrell Drone '73, Gary Roush '67, and Bill Johnson '66

Bill Clark '59, Phil Gramlich '59, John Walter '54, Rick Nelson '62
Joe Ditrick '60, Ted Miller '60, John Hinderer '60, Jon Ditrick '89 (DeSales)

Marilyn Myton '65, Steve Barnard '65, Karen Krueger Barnard '65, Dick Scott '70

Dick Burke '55, Danny Ball '66, Jerry Dennis '65 (Ready), Mike Ryan '64 (Pleasant View)
Former West teachers: Ed McCleaf '57, Dave Ewing '57, Dave Scheetz (also former West basketball coach), Bob Zadrozny

Our Golf Scramble Chairperson Bill Kern '60, Bill Castle '60 Jan., Owen Shaffer (age 83 - Central
H. S.), Jim Hoyle '79 (Westland)

Leslye Creek '70, Dave Easterbrook (Germantown H.S.), Teri Berliner '80 (Watkins Memorial), Cheryl Strawser '80 (Grove City H. S.)
Tom King '71, Steve Finkel '71, Brian Fagan '78 (Westland H. S.), Ron Mullins '82 (Grove City H.S.)
TEAM 1966
Dave Chrisman, Tom Helmick, Bill Dennis,
Bill Holt

Steve Chrisman '69, Steve Arnold '69,
Mike Sherman '66, Don Vollmuth '68

John Morlan '65, Gary Smith '65, John Sines '65, Bill Westhoff '56 (Central H. S.)
Finally, Golfers - "start your engines!"
Well, maybe "'Idle your engines - we're not quite ready yet!"
Every, find your designated golf cart!
Event Chair Bill Kern '60 Jan. making announcements
Charlie Castle '63, manager of the Phoenix Golf Course, explaining that due to last night's rain, all carts must remain on the cart paths!
Darrell Drone '73 listening intently to Charlie's instructions.

A few are thinking "Haven't we heard that story about water on the course before???" Let's get this thing moving!

Okay, we've heard enough.
Let's get this thing STARTED!
FINALLY - lead them up and out............
(and not one cart lost a bag off the back of their cart as they went up the hill!)
the 2nd group getting ready to go
Is it our turn yet?????
We took a peak in the room to see all of the door prizes awaiting the golfers. Every person got something, and there were some very nice door prizes donated.
We finally made our way out on the course. The first hole we got to was #17 with the Hole sponsored by Paul '57 and Sharon Dent Pennell '58 Jan.
in memory of Sharon's brother who died recently, Bob Dent '61.
Teeing off on #17, from the winning team, John Morlan '65.
Also teeing off on #17, winning team member Gary Smith '65
Dave Ewing '57
Nice creek running through the course on #18.
Dave Ewing '57 pacing off who is closest to the hole - with Bob Zadrozny and Dave Scheetz
Dave Scheetz
Thank you Dick Sensenbrenner '54 for
sponsoring a hole.
Cha-ching - $50 more for the Scholarship Fund!
The foursome of Jim Hastings '59, Warren Pemberton '55,
Jeff Clark '67, Tim Weigand '67
Thank you Gary Snowden for sponsoring a hole!
Leslye Creek '70 teeing off.
Thank you Jim Rudolph '50 Jan. for
sponsoring a hole!
It has to be here somewhere.............
You would think a bright pink ball could be easily found!
Really! How can a pink ball be so difficult to find!
Thank you class of June 1956 for sponsoring a hole!
Thank you class of January 1960 for
sponsoring a hole!
Thank you Howard Hanna RealCom Realty and
Jim Willis '60 Jan. for sponsoring a hole!
Pretty sunflowers on the course.
Up close and personal with a sunflower!
Thank you John Hinderer '60 for sponsoring a hole!
Pretty purple flowers on the course.
Thank you Class of 1963 for sponsoring a hole!
Steve Arnold '69
Don Vollmuth '68
Mike Sherman '66,
Steve Chrisman '69
Okay, whose turn it is to cross the RIVER to
get the pink ball?
Ron Radcliffe '56, Bill Pabst '56,
Gary Nebinger '56 Jan.,
Cliff Eagleton '56
Thank you UPS Stores for sponsoring a hole!!!
Is the drink cart on its way???
Thank you Class of June 1956 for sponsoring a hole!!!
John Walter '54
Rick Nelson '62
Our thanks to two more of our volunteers -
Dean Potts '59 Jan.
and Jack Hornsby FOA
for 'manning' hole # 17.
Dick Scott '70, Marilyn Myton '65, name missing, Karen Barnard '65, Steve Barnard '65
Thank you Class of 1970 for sponsoring a hole!
Owen Shaffer
(age 83 - Central
H. S.),
Bill Kern '60 Jan.
Bill Castle '60 Jan.
Queen Ann's Lace - it is really a weed,
but up close, it is very pretty.
Queen Ann's Lace with some purple clover
Joe Ditrick '60
John Hinderer '60
Joe Ditrick '60 and Ted Miller '60
One of our Skill Holes - #17
Get the ball on the green and get a sleeve of golf balls.
Get the ball inside the 10' Circle and win $10!
Ted Miller '60
Thank you Katie Lorenz Haddox '47 for donating two great '89 Fish & Grill dinner coupons for door prizes and for sponsoring a Hole for the '89 Fish & Grill.
Much appreciated!
The golfers enjoying lunch after golf.
Door prizes all around!
One door prize for everyone who golfed!