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front - Dave and Virginia Clark Howard '54, JoAnn Inboden Reeves '52, Anna Brown
back - name missing, name missing, Bing Reeves '51

Two January '48 classmates catching up - Beverly Cramer Ehlers and Dave Stethem

front - Betty Evans Pabst '56, name missing, name missing
back - Bill Pabst '56, name missing
front - Gary Webb '61 Jan, and Martha Webb
back - Dottie Clark '63, Grace Rothwell Black '69, Gregg Black '67

Jim Rudolph '50 Jan., name missing, Jack Crego '47, Russ Friend '51, Barbara Hunter Friend '54 Jan.

Siblings attend the picnic together - Janet Patterson Norris '61 Jan., Garry Patterson '65, and Carol Patterson Horn '54

The buffet table!
Lots of full stomach's at the end of the picnic.
And we didn't even get a photo of the dessert table!


Rebecca Echard '78 (sorry you have your eyes closed Becky) and Barb Baker

Former West ACOT teacher Bob Howard with his wife, Geri.

Going through the food line. As many as attended, there was still plenty left for the last who went through the line!

Mary Ann Amos Blanton '53, Barbara Stewart Hoyle '50, Sylvia Sodd Mattey Schneider '53, Charlene Francis Hampton '53

1957 Classmates: Sandra Thorne Roach, Hallie Wilson Reed, Cynthia Weatherhead Ahlberg, Association Treasurer Bob Roach,
Don Kerr.

Our oldest alum attending - Paul Ward '39 with his wife, Nancy.

far right - Jeannette Sharpe Maxwell '40

Former Hilltonia Boys' Gym Teacher Russ Friend '51
helping with the door prize drawing attended with his wife, Barbara '54.
William DeWeese (East), Juanita Gronbach DeWeese '45, and Dave DeWeese '74.
Dave was the West Vocal Music teacher for eight years in the 80s.
Dave played the piano and sang throughout the evening, closing with him playing the Alma Mater for the group to sing.