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2012 Alumni All-Class Christmas Luncheon - December 8 at the Fawcett Center on the OSU Campus
2011-2012 Alumni Association President Baileen Gary Dodd
introducing other officers (l. to r.) Sharon Robinson Keaney '55 Jan., Bob Roach '57, Katie Lorenz Haddox '47
Seated - Bill McComb '59 Jan., 2012 Association Vice President Katie Lorenz Haddox '47,
Alumni Association Newsletter Editor Stacy Neff Campbell '78, Ruth Lorenz Eichenberger '54

Standing - Jean Brown Hlay '47, Jackie Gross McPherson '47, Bill Kern '60 Jan.,
Jerry Campbell

Seated - Dot Penny Heltzel '50, Barbara Hill Kable '50, RosaAnna Scott Green '50,
Shirley Snow Scott '50

Standing - Barbara Stewart Hoyle '50, Charlotte Cranston Prior '50 Jan., Larry Alban '49 Jan.,
John Scott '48

Former West Choir Director Dave DeWeese '74 entertained us with his singing and piano playing during the luncheon.
And at the request of a former West teacher who had seen Dave's 'act' during a music program at West during his teaching days, he did a really good Elvis impersonation on several tunes!
We thank Dave for attending and entertaining us.
Some of our ladies perusing the Silent Auction table.
Sandra Thorne Roach '57, Charlotte Cranston Prior '50 Jan., Lois Farrand Sensenbrenner '50 Jan., Beverly Kimball Daugherty '63.

We thank all the alumni who donated new or very gently used items for the auction.
Just a few of the items available for bidding on the Silent Auction table. Stacy Neff Campbell '78 chaired the Silent Auction once again this year.

Fred Lancia '56 Jan. talking with Carrie Lousie Cromwell Rausch '26.
For those who keep track, Mrs. Rausch will be 104 in January!
Once again she received our award for being the alum present from the earliest class.


Larry Alban '49 Jan. wanted his photo with
Mrs. Rausch.

Friends Jackie Gross McPherson '47, Katie Lorenz Haddox '47, and Jerry Trabue '53 Jan. Jerry won the prize for coming the furthest to attend the luncheon - Florida!
The three January 1953 classmates in attendance - Margaret Johns Paugh, Jerry Trabue, and Rita Elliott Stethem
Seated - Jerry Trabue '53 Jan., Rita Elliott Stethem '53 Jan., Margaret Johns Paugh, 2001 Alumni Association President Donna Spring Falter '49 Jan.

Standing - 2007 Alumni Hall of Fame Honoree Felix Hoover '67, former West teacher Bob Howard, Geri Howard.
Seated - Mary Ann Amos Blanton '53, Charlene Francis Hampton '53, Sheryl Hampton Peters, Sylvia Mattey Schneider '53

Standing - Alumni Association Board Member Ray Pendell '46, Robert Blanton '72, Geno D'Ippolito '48, Angie D'Ippolito

Christmas Luncheon Chair and 1996-1999 Alumni Association President Ed Schmidt '45 presenting Mrs. Rausch with a gift for being the oldest alum present.
Former West Choir Director Dave DeWeese '74 entertained us with his singing and piano playing during the social time, during our mealtime, and as people were leaving.
Dave also received a gift for being the youngest alum present. (Actually, Stacy Neff Campbell '78 was the youngest alum attending, but as her name didn't get added to the program, she was overlooked. Our apologies to Stacy)
Seated - Julia Higgins Worthington '57, Don Kerr '57, Sandra Thorne Roach '57, Association Treasurer Bob Roach '57
Sanding - 2006 Alumni Association President and 2002 Alumni Association Hall of Fame Honoree Rev. Ed Sensenbrenner '50 Jan., 2002 Alumni Association Hall of Fame Honoree Lois Farrand Sensenbrenner '50 Jan., retired West teacher and coach Gary Link '57, Ronda Graham Link '58.

Jerry Trabue may have won the prize for coming the furthest to attend the luncheon but ACTUALLY - Ed and Lois Sensenbrenner could have won the prize. They had just returned from a wonderful trip to Hawaii the following evening! And, both were still a little jeg-lagged!
Ladies of the 60s
Seated - Karen Martin Voltz '63, Beverly Kimball Daugherty '63, Carol Rood '63, Shirley Forgrave Nyhan '63
Standing - Dorance Nichols Hornsby '63, Liz Burrell '61, Sharon Justice '61
Some of the 2013 Alumni Association Officers and Board members -
Front - Nancy Hardy Smith '50, Secretary Sharon Robinson Keaney '55 Jan., Immediate Past President Baileen Gary Dodd '48, Lois Hunter Neff '55
Back - Vice President Bill Pabst '56, President Dorance Nichols Hornsby '63, Ed Schmidt '45, Treasurer Bob Roach '57
missing - Board members Ray Pendell '46 and Paul Pennell '57