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2010 Alumni Hall of Fame Reception and Introductions - September 24.
The West High School Alumni Association
was proud to introduce the 2010 Hall of Fame Honorees.
Ethel May "Jeanne" Thompson Cummins '43
Dr. Forrest Flewellen '46
Wilfred "Willie" Evans '50
James Slager '48
The honorees were introduced after a dinner that was held in the West Library. There were 82 reservations for the event. The plan was to have the honorees go to the Magly Field at half-time of the football game to introduce them to the game attendees. However, when a drizzle started, the plans were changed and the plaques were give to the honorees in the Library.

James Slager had just gotten out of the hospital with pneumonia earlier in the week and was unable to travel from his home in Pittsburgh. He was represented by his son, Tim, and daughter Cindy Isler.

Bios on the 2010 Alumni Hall of Fame Honorees are in the website Hall of Fame 'room.'

Dr. Forrest Flewellen '46,
Tim Slager,
Jeanne Cummins '43, and
Willie Evans '50

James Slager '48

The Library was filled to near capacity. When most there attended West, this area was an open courtyard area! The Library was on the 3rd floor.
The first speaker was Beverly Cramer Ehlers '48 who spoke on behalf of many from her class who had nominated James Slager for the Hall of Fame. They were disappointed that Jim's health prevented him from attending..
Tim Slager thanked the Association for recognizing his father and read a note his father had written expressing his gratitude to the Alumni Association for giving him this honor.
Jim Slager said he was proud to be included in a group of people that included people like an austraunaut - Donn Eisele '48, an OSU football star - Aurealius Thomas '52, military hero - Dick Holycross '49, and Jim Remington '46 Jan.
Earl "Wimpy" Potts '51 introduces Dr. Forrest Flewellen '46. Wimpy said he has known Forrest for most of his life and always looked up to him and his accomplishments. When he would see anything about Dr. Flewellen he always said, "I know him! He's a Hilltopper!"
He thanked his family for coming from several areas to be here for the program. He said the educational system at West formed his career.
Dr. Flewellen has a next book coming out soon. It is titled, "Morning is Broking."
Dr. Flewellen is the 1st black Navy ROTC candidate to graduate from OSU.
John Pugh '48 and Dick Wolfe '50 introduced their friend Wilfred "Willie" Evans '50.
Dick told of the time when he and Willie were stationed in Vietnam at the same time and were able to meet-up while there.

Willie thanked his classmates for their lifelong support and friendship. Along with his wife, Carol "Lucky" Luckshaw Evans '50, their six daughters (one here from Oregon) and one son, his older sister, a younger sister (here from Vermont), an older brother and one grandson were all were in attendance.
Willie said he enjoyed his time in the Air Force. He met a lot of nice people, flew a lot of nice planes, and moved around a lot.
Some were surprised to see Willie Evans '50 in a white shirt and tie because he is NEVER seen in a tie. It was a little warm in the room, but Willie wasn't doing a strip tease act when he removed his tie and started to remove his shirt and sport coat. . . . .

Willie had cut the sleeves from a perfectly good white dress shirt not to stay cool but to make it easier for him to remove his shirt to reveal a West shirt!
Willie, his wife - Carol "Lucky" Luckshaw Evans '50, and their six daughters, one son, and one grandson, had all gotten West shirts made to wear. They all wore other clothing over their West shirts until Willie announced to the group it was time to reveal their shirts. All were a little different, but they all said West in one form or another. Carol said they often get matching shirts for family events, so it just seemed natural for them to have West shirts made for Willie's Hall of Fame ceremony! And the kids came from all over the U.S. to be there for the evening. They planned to watch the OSU game the following day at Willie's brother's home at Buckeye Lake and have a big family party!
Rocky Thompson '77 introduced his aunt, Jeanne Cummins '43. He said he had learned a lot about his aunt during the evening - first that her real name was Ethel Mae! Her bio said she sang at the Neil House for a month before it was torn down in the mid '70s. He said the joke at their table was, "she continued to sing there for two weeks after it was torn down!"

Jeanne said she is really a Coal Miner's Daughter. Her father was working in Detroit, not making much money. He heard that Columbus had jobs, so the family moved here. During the Depression, her was paid $.37 an hour.
When she married Bernie Cummins, who was 20 years her senior, many said they wouldn't have any children because Bernie was too old. He showed them. He and Jeanne had six children!
Jeanne Cummins '43 told the group about her mother moving the family from Ohio Ave. to the Hilltop when her twin brothers were going to start high school. Her mother felt that because West High was a newer school than East or South and it would be a better school for her children to attend!
Both of Jeanne's parents were the oldest in their families of ten children each. Her mother was from Hungary and her father from Athens, Ohio. She was proud to let us know that all of her children have college degrees.

The guests of Dr. Flewellen gathered for a group picture. His daughter is in the red blouse. His son, Forrest, in the white shirt drove here from Atlanta, His other son, on the far right, drove down with his wife from Euclid, Oh where he is a teacher and coach.
The man in the tan jacket is a family friend, Tim Washington, who lived with the Flewellen's when he was attending college and has remained 'like a son' to Forrest. The lady in white is a friend of Dr. Flewellen's wife, Nellie, who was here from Maryland.

2010 Hall of Fame Committee Chair Baileen Gary Dodd '48 presents Jim Slager's Alumni Hall of Fame plaque to Jim's son, Tim, and his Jim's daughter, Cindy Slager Isler. Jim Slager's brother, Dr. Richard Slager '46, a 2001 Hall of Fame Honoree, .also attended the program.
Dr. Flewellen accepts his plaque from Baileen.
During his talk, Dr. Flewellen spoke of the time he was kicked out of West High by his teacher, Pop Reed. He said he and a friend were having 'track races with their fingers.' Pop Reed threw a piece of chalk at them.
Dr. Flewellen said he was sure Pop Reed wanted the chalk back, so he threw it back at him. That got the two kicked out of class. They both left and walked to the Broad and Hague area. When thinking about what they had done and what would happen when they got home and had to face their parents and told them they were kicked out of school - they returned to school and apologized for their actions!
They were gone all of about 30 minutes.

Baileen presents Jeanne Cummins with her plaque.
Willie Evans accepts his plaque.