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2008 Alumni Hall of Fame Reception and Introductions - September 5.
The West High School Alumni Association
was proud to introduce the 2008 Hall of Fame Honorees.
Dr. Daniel Webster Conklin Brown '41 - Expert Toxicologist
Judy Fenimore Bell '55 - Multi-talented Entertainer
Anita Richmond Bunkley '62 -Author.
Dave Dobos '73 - Entrepreneur and former Columbus School Board Member / President


2007-08 Alumni Association President Robin Schmidt '49 Jan. welcomed everyone to the 2008 Hall of Fame program. He also acknowledged the four Hall of Fame Honorees who have died during the past year - 1997 Honoree Dr. Beryl Miles '34, 2000 Honoree Gerald Smith '49 Jan., 2002 Honoree Harry Hopwood '43, and 2007 Honoree Ted Manson '44.
Our new West Principal, Dan Martin 72, welcomed everyone to West and thanked the Alumni Association for everything they have done in the past and continue to do for the students at West.
West Band member Kirsten Edwards, a junior, played the Alma Mater on her flute. Kristen is the great-granddaughter of J. Curtis Allen, the photographer who took the senior pictures of West students for many years.
Michael Redd '97, 2006 Hall of Fame Honoree, spoke to the group about his honor of being on the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal winning basketball team. He said being a part of the Olympic team he was not just representing his current Milwaukee Bucks basketball team and the OSU basketball team he played on for three years. He also proudly represented West High School.
Dr. Brown with his wife on his right and his daughter on his left. Two granddaughters are on either side.
Dr. and Mrs. Doris Brown with the memorabilia display the family brought. The newspaper clippings were collected by Dr. Brown's mother (just a few years ago!).

Dr. Brown proudly shows us his display of pictures, awards, and plaques.

Dr. Brown with the display.
Dr. and Mrs. Brown.
Dr. Brown with several family and friends who came to the program to honor him.

Honoree Judy Fenimore Bell 55 was unable to attend the program and asked her fellow classmate, James Pruden '55, to accept the honor on her behalf.

Judy sent a video of, The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies, where she is in her 15th year.
Honoree Anita Richmond Bunkley '62 was unable to attend the program, so Annette Beatty Jefferson '63 accepted the award on her behalf. Annette nominated Anita for the honor.
In Anita's absence, several of her books were on display.

Dr. Daniel Brown said it was hard from him to express to everyone his appreciation for this honor. He said he had the great fortune to have been raised by two Christian parents. He attended Oakley Avenue Baptist Church and went to Highland Ave. Elementary School. He received the top scholar-athlete award in his class and was proud to have been elected to the Columbus Jazz Hall of Fame. In joking about his four names, he said his mother named him Daniel and Webster for two of her brothers. Conklin came from a scientist. He said he earned a degree for each one of his names - a B.S., a Master's degree, a Master's of Philosophy, and a Ph.D. He said he was glad his mother didn't give him five names, or he would still be in school trying to get another degree!
Each of Dr. Brown's granddaughters read letters on his behalf. One read a letter from a former co-worker of Dr. Brown's and the other read a letter from 2002 Hall of Fame Honoree, Col. Jack Morris (Ret.) '41 Jan., who nominated Dr. Brown for the Hall of Fame. Jack and Daniel have been friends for 80 years!
We were honored to have seven former Hall of Fame honorees attend. There would have been eight had Ed Sensenbrenner not fallen a few days earlier and broke his hip (he is recovering at home after surgery).
l. - r. - 2006 Honorees - Paul '57 and Sharon Dent Pennell '58 Jan., Dr. Brown, Dave Dobos, 2003 Honoree - Mary Carter Glascor '34, 2002 Honoree - Lois Farrand Sensenbrenner '50 Jan., 2008 Hall of Fame Chair and 2007 Honoree - Felix Hoover, and 2000 Honoree - Lois Hunter Neff '55.
As we go to the field, the Cowboys are fighting hard against close neighbor and rival Franklin Heights.
The West Cheerleaders do their job working to get those in the stadium involved in the game.
They proudly carry on the tradition of the West cheerleaders who have lead cheers in Magly Field since 1929.
The Cowboys leave the field at half-time.
The West Band marches across the field.
While small, they did their best to entertain.
The Weskets joined the band.
The Magly Field Press Box.
Dave Dobos '73 is introduced.
Dr. Daniel Brown '41 is introduced.
Dr. Brown tips his hat to the audience.
Dave Dobos, Daniel Brown, and Felix Hoover '67.