We often wonder what happened to our former West teachers and administrators.

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We dedicate this to the following teachers and administrators we are aware of who are no longer living.
We thank the June '61 Class who developed the original list for their reunion in 2002. We update it as we learn of additional information.


Terry Baldwin, (December 16, 2008 in Columbus) age 41
Dwight Black,
History, and coached baseball and basketball (February 23, 2003, age 82, in Ostrander, OH. Owner/designer of Mill Creek Golf Course in Ostrander)
Arthur Boles
F. E. Bonar
, American History & POD
Brian John Bonner, Band Director late 70s, early 80s (Jan. 5, 2016 in Columbus, age 66)
Dr. Roy Bowen, Dramatics (January 2, 2006 in New York City, age 93. Dr. Bowen went on to teach theater at OSU where he retired with the title of Professor Emeritus in the Theatre Dept. He lived in the Columbus area but had taken a trip to NYC when he took ill.)
Clarence Bower, Biology (March 5, 2003)
Harriette L. Brown, Vice Principal
Arthur E Buchanan, History
Kent Burgert, Physical Ed / Basketball coach (June 15, 2016 in Columbus)
John Butler, History / Asst. Football coach and Wrestling coach (March 26, 2018, age 85)
I. H. (Admiral) Cammarn, POD
John R. (Jack) Dale '47, Instrumental Music (February 2002 in California)
Robert Darrow, Principal (Aug. 24, 2002 in Columbus)
Frances C. Davis, English
Mozelle Warren Diehl, Commercial courses (January 12, 2004 in Columbus)
Lafe Dodds, Geometry, General Math
Kathryn J. Duff, English
Dan Dupler, teacher and coach (October 3, 2012 in Columbus, age 65) Per his obituary he taught and coached at Watterson, Upper Arlington, west, and East, coaching football, track, swimming, and baseball. Founder and organizer for the Central Ohio All Star Football game from 1983-2008.
Frances Evans, Latin, Librarian (December 27, 2011, age 89) Had been living at Westminster Thurber in Columbus the last few years after moving from her home in Lincoln Village.
Eugene 'Gene' Fekete, Head Football Coach (April 28, 2011, age 88) Coach Fekete was a member of The Ohio State University Football 1942 National Championship Team, the inaugural Cleveland Browns Team, and a former Assistant Coach at OSU under West Fesler and Woody Hayes.
Howard Ferguson, Physical Education and Health Education
Richard Charles Fein, Assistant Principal 1981-1983 (August 16, 2012, in Dublin, OH, age 76)
Bernard Gatti, teacher and coach in the 90s, (April 14, 2016, age 57)
Ronald Gooslin, Math (May 24, 2012, age 81) teacher -1963-1968, later administrator at several Columbus schools including Briggs from 1979-1987

Rufus C. Glass, Biological Science (1983)
Leona Glenn, French
Evelyn A. Hall, Radio, Dramatics, Stage Craft
Margaret Harold, Spanish (April, 2002)
Edna Harrison, History (February 8, 2010, in Columbus, age 102) Per her obituary, Ms. Harrison also taught in Adena Schools.
Mary Heeter, Commercial
Fred Heischman, Algebra, Math

Walter 'Leon' Higgins, 70s and 80s guidance and vocational counselor at West and Westmoor. (March 28, 2017 in Grove City, age 74)
Jim (Jimmie Lee) Hill '49, Band, Music in the 60s.Mr. Hill started the Weskets in 1961. He was the Band Director when they marched in the Rose Bowl Parade in 1968. (April 10, 2009, in Columbus, age 77)
Adolph (Bud) Kittel, English (October 31, 1996, in Columbus)
Delane Kittel, English (October 10, 2007, in Columbus, age 101) Per her obituary, Mrs. Kittel taught at Bliss College, Grant Junior High, and Steubenville High School in addition to West High. She was also a free-lance writer for some years, principally for the then Dispatch Magazine.
Fred Lehman, Distributive Education
Rosemary Leuchter, English (March 1, 2001) Retired in 1983
Helen Lumley, Librarian
Theodore Mayer, Math (February 13, 2005, in Columbus, age 90)
Tom McCormack
Helen McCormick, History
Charles Meyers, Counselor/coach (August 25, 2010, in Columbus, age 83)
Arthur Miller, Drafting
Velma Millhone, English, Dramatics
Mary Murphy, World History, American History
Jessie Nelson, teacher (June 17, 2018 in Columbus, age 85)
Diane Rawlins Norman '65, actively teaching at West (October 3, 2008)
M.E "Mack" Pemberton, teacher, coach, administrator (June, 1980)
Joe Porter, Distributive Education (February 25, 2012, in Houston, TX, age 95) Per obituary, Mr. Porter was part of the European Invasion Force, landing on Utah Beach in 1944, on D-Day plus twenty. Also taught at Central H.S. Retired from teaching in 1977.
Forest Rader, West Broad Elementary Principal from 1957 to 1977 (October 29, 2005, in Columbus, age 89)
David P Randall '35, Principal, teacher, coach (March 24, 1980, in Columbus)
Fred Ricketts, (February 16, 2013, in Columbus, age 84), Industrial Arts teacher at Hilltonia. Went on to be a principal at several Columbus schools. When he retired he was the Director of Career and Vocational Ed for the Columbus Schools.
Clarence Rittenhouse, began his teaching career in horticulture at West before moving to the Northeast Career Center (October 10, 2010, age 79, in Columbus)
Ronald Rousculp, (January 14, 2013, age 83, in Columbus). Per the obituary, he retired from Merck Sharp & Dohme (federal credit union) in 1991 after 36 years.
David 'Duke" Schiff, History teacher and coach (May 13, 2018, in Columbus, age 78)
Marvin Schultz '47, Social Studies, Health (March 12, 2013, age 83, in Grove City, OH)
Cyrus Sedgwick, math teacher at West Junior High and Senior High. Later became an assistant dean for students at The Ohio State University and later dean of men at Capital University before returning to OSU as assistant director of the School of Allied Medical Professions. (September 20, 2012, in Columbus, age 87)

Edna Seeley
, English (January 20, 2017, age 79, in Columbus)
Myron T. Seifert, Sales, English (May 16, 1994, in Columbus, age 90)

Constance Jo Friend Sheppard '64
, taught at West for 23 years. (April 3, 2007, in Columbus, age 60)
Deanna Roberta Darrow Shockney (May 5, 2006, age 64, in Ft. Myers, FL.) taught at West from 1963 to 1968. She was the daughter of former West principal, Mr. Bob Darrow.
Pat Cozad Smart '47, West High nurse (November 8, 2006)
Sidney Smart, Chemistry/Sciences (November 14, 1986)
Alice Smith, School Secretary (December 20, 2003)
E. T. Stone, Chemistry
Richard E. Teichert, Fine Arts (1993)
Fredric 'Ric' Vohlers, taught business, English, and computing at several Columbus City schools, including West. He retired from Brookhaven H.S. (April 24, 2017 in Columbus)
Sherwood 'Woody' Waltman '56 Jan. Class President, Gym Teacher at Hilltonia (April 2, 2013)
Helen Lousie Collins Ware '47 Jan. Office Secretary (February 3, 2009, in Columbus, age 79)
Edith White, Choir Director (March 4, 2012, in Bradenton, FL where she had lived since 1977, age 96) She was predeceased by her husband, Forest, and son, Dr.John White.
Ann Williams, Office Secretary (May 3, 2016 - a Columbus Central H. S. alum, age 86)
George Williams, American History
Howard Wilson '32, West Jr. High teacher and he led the West High Radio Club (June 2, 2006)
George Wing, West Jr. High (September 30, 2002, in Columbus, age 93) He was also Mayor of Worthington, OH from 1945 to 1955
George Wood, Westmoor teacher from 1961-1987 (January, 2006, in Columbus)
Helen Workman, Girls' Attendance, Typing
Theodore Mayer, Math (February 13, 2005, age 90)