October 2018 Retired Teachers' Luncheon

L-R: Front - 2018 Alumni Association President Dave Dobos '73, Lynn Fullerton Johnson '63, Sharon ‘Susie’ Buchanan,Joe Herman, Sara McPeek Sampson '96
back row - Diane Krebs, Rae Lambert, Roger Savage, Susie Griffith Conrad '64, Debbie Downing, Barb Gear

Dave Dobos attended the luncheon to share with the teachers about various programs at West. He also showed them a video that was originally shown at the class of 1973 class reunion that Kim Hardy '73 put together for his reunion this year. It was of when the Cupola came down and then was reinstalled at West.
Several of the teachers shared information about their time at West.
Debbie Downing taught Home Ec. from 1977 to 1982 then returned to West from 2007 to 2013 as the Internship Coordinator.
Diane Krebs taught at West from 1967 to 1992.
Sara McPeek Sampson was first a substitute teacher at West from 1974 to 1978 before she got a full-time position. She primarily taught Health then Physical Education. For ten years she was the Wesket 'coach.' She met her husband, Mark Sampson (Band Director) at West. They have been married for 31 years. After retiring Sara subbed for eight years until 2016 when Mark retired. She ushers at OSU football games and the Schottenstein Center. She most recently ushered at the Elton John concert!
Susie Griffith Conrad taught at West from 1967 to 1995. For 39 years she coordinated the Homecoming activities.
Roger Savage taught Industrial Arts (wood shop, metal arts) from 1982 to 1990. He was also a Senior Class Advisor. He has worked the West Basketball games completing the Score Book since he retired.
Lynn Fullerton Johnson taught English, Phy. Ed., and Health from 1967 to 1980. She also coached girls volleyball and boys golf.
Rae Lambert was a math teacher from 1967 to 1997
Joe Herman taught typing at West. He is a longtime friend of West alum and former West Principal Dan Martin '72.
Barb Gear taught Spanish and French from 1988 to 2015.
JoAnn Skinner taught Spanish from 2007 to 2012. She loved her time at West.
Morgan Johnston taught at West from 2007 to 2012.

May 2018 Retired Teachers' Luncheon

L-R: Ann Newkirk Dean, Steve Dain, Mark Sampson
Second row seated L-R: Annie Roegner, Joann Skinner, Sara Sampson, Susie Griffith Conrad, JoAnn Georgiton Stamatakos, Lynn Johnson, Steve Miller
Third Row standing L-R: Roger Savage, Sharon ‘Susie’ Buchanan, Diane Lind, Paula Fistick, Rae Lambert, Barb Gear, Babette Davis, Susie Ward, Debbie Downing, Bob Howard, Barry Stebbins
Missing from picture: Bob Zadrozny


Spring 2016 Retired Teachers' Luncheon

front - Annie Roegner, Donna Spellman Berndt 44, Susie Buchanan
middle - Babbette Davis, Diane Krebs, Jesse Nelson, Rae Lambert
back - Lynn Fullerton Johnson '63, Donna Saunders, Heather Stanich, Bob Howard

Donna Berndt worked in the West office as a secretary from 1967 - 1996. Susie Buchanan taught Home Ec at West from 1971 - 1977.
Babbette Davis taught at West from 1966 - 1971. She reported that her long-time friend, Elaine Burkel recently moved to Coshocton Ohio to live near family. Diane Krebs taught at West from 1967 - 1992. Rae Lambert believes she taught nearly every class at West while she was there from 1967 - 1997.
Lynn Johnson
taught at West from 1967 - 1980. She also coached boys golf. Donna Saunders taught German and French at West from 1978 - 2014. Heather Stanich coached the West Chess Club from 1997 - 2001. In 2003 she returned to teach until 2006. She returned again in 2013, retiring in 2015. Bob Howard taught at West from 1981 - 1999. He ran the ACOT program and is still very involved with the Alumni Association
through maintaining their Data Base, formatting their Alumni Occident Newsletter, plus performing numerous other functions for the Association.

front - Betty Brown and Sara McPeek Sampson '69
middle - Mark Sampson and Nancy Bearor
back - Barry Stebbins, Bob Zadrozny, Roger Savage, Dan Stanich (Heather's husband)
Missing from Photo - Dan Martin '72

Betty Brown hosted the luncheons at her condo's (Friendship Village, on Riverside Dr. in Dublin) cafeteria for several years. A former head secretary at West, Betty has lived in the condo for 20 years. With a little encouragement, Betty shared that she is 98! She started at West in the fall of 1963.
Sara Sampson continues to substitute teach at West on a regular basis. Sara's husband, Mark Sampson, retired at the end of the 2015 school year after 30 years at West, starting there in 1985. Nancy Bearor started at West in 2001, retiring in 2015 as a West counselor.
Roger Savage taught at West from 1982 to 1990. Bob Zadrozny taught at West from 1968 - 1976. Dan Stanich was a teacher, but not at West.
Dan Martin first taught shorthand at West . He coached football and track. And, he was the West principal from 2008 - 2012. Susie Griffith Conrad '64 taught at West from 1967 - 1996. Susie is working on assembling a list of teachers who met at West and later married.


Fall 2011 Retired Teachers' Luncheon

Front row seated: Lynn Fullerton Johnson '63, Susie Buchanan
2nd row: Ann Williams, Betty Brown, Susie Griffith Conrad '64
3rd row: Roger Savage, Ray Lambert, Jesse Nelson, Barry Stebbins, Pat Nelson, Roland Lane '63, Diane Krebs, Joe Herman


Spring 2010 Retired Teachers' Luncheon

Front row seated: Sara McPeek Sampson 69, Babette Davis, Susie Buchanan 2nd row seated: Donna Spellman Berndt 44, Betty Brown, Ann Williams, Susie Griffith Conrad 64 3rd row standing: Beverly Fatig, Jesse Nelson, Rae Lambert, Diane Krebs, Jerry Ocock, Barry Stebbins, Roger Savage last row: John Morlan, Ray Fatig

The Friendship Village, on Riverside Dr. in Dublin has become the home of the semi-annual retired teachers' luncheons. Betty Brown lives at this wonderful facility. The group meets in a private room where a very good (and affordable) lunch was served.
Everyone took a turn updating the group on his or her recent activities.
Susie Conrad is the 'unofficial' organizer for the retired teachers' group. They usually have lunch the 4th Wednesday in May and October each year. All retired teachers are welcome to join them. For more information, contact Susie at rconrad4@columbus.rr.com.


Fall 2009 Retired Teachers' Luncheon

seated - Ann Williams, Betty Brown, Sara Sampson McPeek '69
middle row - Lynn Fullerton Johnson '63, Jesse Nelson, Susie Griffith Conrad '64, Diane Krebs, Sonia Heminger
back row - Rae Lambert, Barry Stebbins, Joe Herman, Jerry Ocock
Leaving before the picture was taken - Susie Buchanan and Barbara Hegler

Once again the semi-annual retired teachers' luncheon was held at Friendship Village, on Riverside Dr. in Dublin, where Betty Brown lives. The group was seated in their private room where a very good (and affordable) lunch was served. When our server learned it was a group of West teachers, he let them know he lives on the westside.
Everyone took a turn updating the group onhis or her recent activities. Joe Herman related that he spent Halloween Beggars Night at a friends home. He was seated in a chair in the drive with a bowl full of candy. The friends had many 'special' effects arranged to scare and delight those who came to get their 'treat.' Joe wore a scary wig! Lynn Johnson said that although she had given up bowling, she was still golfing and gambling! She and her husband enjoy going to Las Vegas. Her mother, Anne Hoddy Fullerton 33 is 92 and in an assisted living facility. Lynn encouraged everyone to take the time to drive to Westgate Park to look at the new three section mural that was recently painted there that depicts the history of the Hilltop and Westside. It is near the tennis courts. Susie Buchanan is staying busy watching her two grandchildren, the oldest who is in kindergarten.
Betty Brown said she is not traveling any longer, but she has traveled throughout the world and enjoyed all of her trips. Her favorite trip was to China. She said like Jack Benny, just had her 39th birthday - again! She stays busy at her retirement facility. She said nearly every day there is something - a committee meeting on something, etc. She enjoys living there. Jesse Nelson also watches his grandchildren. He and his wife were flying to Houston the following morning to visit with their family there and watch their grandson play a football game and their granddaughter play a volleyball game. He and his wife took a trip to Europe last summer going to Germany and the Czech Republic. He felt that Germany was still depressed since the fall of the wall. They were in Prague in the Czech Republic. He said the crime rate wasn't bad in either country and they enjoyed the trip.
Ann Williams said her husband had knee replacement surgery over the summer, so that took some of her time. They have a granddaughter getting married in a couple of weeks, and they plan to go to their place in Florida, near Stuart, for two months this winter. Barry Stebbins, who coached volleyball at West for five years, said he started riding an old bicycle of his this summer, putting about 2500 miles on it just in the Columbus area. He and his wife are taking a cruise to Acapulco soon and will also be going through the Panama Canal. After retiring two years ago, as a result of a grant the school got, he is back at West working about twenty hours a week - back in the technology area.
Jerry Ocock has been retired for twenty years this year. He is enjoying retirement by traveling, being involved in his church, gardening, and enjoying family activities. He has gone on some church related trips where he has video taped some programs and then made them available to the church on video and DVDs. Sara McPeek retired in 2006 but is still substitute teaching at West, although only averaging about two days a week so far this year. Her husband, Mark, is the West Band Director, which also keeps her busy. The Columbus schools do not have any music program budget money available, so the program struggles. The 'feeder' schools have minor programs so it is difficult to get the students involved in a band program when they haven't been involved in music already. The band had twenty members this year, up a little from last year. There were only five in the Band Parents Organization. They need instruments, so if anyone has any instruments they do not need or want any longer, let her know. The band program cam make use of them in some manner. Their oldest son is twenty and going to Capital University. He plays soccer for Capital. Her two younger sons are seniors at Hilliard Darby.
Sonia Heminger taught at West for sixteen years, from 1987 to 2004. She also stays busy with her grandchildren. Rae Lambert took a trip to Cape Cod over the summer with her mother. She and her husband are currently having a 1 1/2 car garage added to their current two car garage. She said with their two cars AND three motorcycles getting larger, they just need more room! Since the garage remodeling was her husband's idea, she hopes to get a kitchen remodel done over the winter.
Susie Conrad let the group know about the recent Alumni Hall of Fame program and that recent Honoree Joe Johns '75 was probably a former student that several there remembered. One recalled Joe having a great speaking voice in school and wasn't surprised when she learned he had gone in to broadcasting. Susie did let the group know that Joe's father, Rossell, had just died this past week. He lived in Washington Courthouse. Susie related a couple of the stories Joe spoke about when he talked at the Hall of Fame dinner.
Susie Conrad is the 'unofficial' organizer for the retired teachers' group. They usually have lunch the 4th Wednesday in April and October each year. All retired teachers are welcome to join them. For more information, contact Susie at rconrad4@columbus.rr.com.

Spring 2008 Retired Teachers' Luncheon

kneeling - Sonia Heminger and Susie Buchanan
seated - Donna Spellman Berndt '44, Betty Brown, Susie Griffith Conrad '64, Beverly Fatig, (kneeling ) Alan Novak
standing: Jesse Nelson, Cy Sedgwick, Don Srail, Joe Herman, Diane Krebs, Rae Lambert, Jerry Ocock, Carolyn Kennedy, Barry Stebbins
The spring luncheon was held at Friendship Village, on Riverside Dr. in Dublin, where Betty Brown lives. The group has had several luncheons at this very nice facility. The group was seated in their private room where lunch was served. Several spouses also attended.
On updating the group on their recent activities, Jerry Ocock was pleased to let everyone know that his daughter (who is in her mid-40s) had met a very nice man who is a professor at a community college in Dayton and is getting married in December. His daughter is affiliated with The Ohio State University.
Barry Stebbins retired at the end of the 2007 school year and has done some traveling his first year of retirement. Susie Buchanan is enjoying her new grandson. Rae Lambert said after recovering from gall bladder surgery and a ruptured appendix, she is doing well.
Carolyn Kennedy taught math at West and retired at the end of the 2007 school year. She said her life is now stress-free! She said the schedule change took her about six months to get used to, but she is totally enjoying her new retirement lifestyle. Our host, Betty Brown, let us know her grandson, age 11, has been in the TV show Lost. He is one of the children who was taken by the 'others,' so he has not been on recently. There are currently contract negotiations going on, and her grandson hopes he will be back on the show this fall. Betty's daughter has lived in Hawaii (where the show is taped) for several years and works at the University of Hawaii.
Donna Berndt's son, David, a 1969 West alum, died February 14 in New Port Richey, Florida as the result of a brain tumor. His illness has kept Donna and her husband in Florida. They hope to now take some trips in their motor home (if they can afford the gas to drive it!).
Sonya Heminger has a new grandchild in Florida, which is a problem having the baby that far away! Her husband has now retired, so they do hope to get to visit Florida more often. Cy Sedgwick labeled himself the oldest retired West teacher attending at 81. Cy taught at West Jr. High until 1960 when Westmoor Jr. High opened. Don Srail lives in Dayton. He told a story about recently purchasing some new beds for his extra bedroom for when his grandson when he visits. He 'assumed' the delivery person would take the beds to the bedroom and set them up. Wrong! They set the boxed beds just inside the front door - quite a way from the 2nd floor bedroom! Don finally got help to un-crate the new furniture and move it to the bedroom. Jesse Nelson starts his day by going to his daughter's to get a grandson off to school. He and his wife recently took a trip to California and went to New England last fall.
Susie Griffith Conrad '64
let everyone know of the recent death of Mary Lou Darrow Carrington (daughter of former West principal Robert Darrow) died March 6, 2008 in London, England. A 1963 graduate of North High School, she lived in London for many years. Susie reminded the group that they meet the 4th Wednesday of April and October, and current plans are for them to continue their luncheons at Friendship Village. She reported the group had made a memorial donation to the West Alumni Scholarship Fund in Donna Berndt's son's name. She also showed the group a notation in the winter Alumni Occident reporting the West Retired Teachers had made a generous donation to the Scholarship Fund in memory of former West teachers Connie Friend Shepard '64 and Howard Wilson '32, and former West nurse Pat Cozad Smart '47.
When asked about the Webers - Dick '43 and Donna Inboden Weber '45,
several teachers reported being in contact with them. They are still in Texas with their son where they go for the winter. They will be back in Columbus soon. Dick did finally give up his Red Coat job at OSU Football games, a position he held for many years.


Fall 2003 Retired Teachers' Luncheon

Seated - Betty Brown, Frances Evans, Dick Weber '43, Donna Berndt,
Susie Griffith Conrad '64, Donna Inboden Weber '45, Don Srail, Diane Krebs
Standing - Anne Williams, Joe Herman, Elaine Burkel, Beverly Fatig,
Al Kennedy, Pat Cozad Paoletti '47, Barbara Hegler, Howard Wilson '32,
Rae Lambert

The fall luncheon was well attended. All reported on their activities since their spring luncheon and upcoming plans. Barb Hegler recently returned from a trip to France and is going to Acapulco in November. Her dog died a while back, and she recently got a Sheltie rescue dog she named Giovonnie, that has quickly become a great friend. Howard Wilson said he and Frances enjoy their two great grand children. He recently retired from his attorney practice and received a commendation from the State and local bar associations for 50 years of dedicated service.

Gary Link works for the city engineers office seven months a year, from early spring until fall. He isn't sure if he will return next spring or not. He plans to do some snow skiing this winter. Pat Paoletti and her husband took a two week trip to Italy this summer. She met forty of his family while there. Sharon Buchanan has a daughter getting married next summer. A son will graduate from college in the spring.

Frances Evans has been having some home remodeling done. When she told the contractor she wanted her home to accommodate the elderly. He quickly asked, "What elderly person do you have living with you?" She said he got the job! Diane Krebs reported that Alice Smith had cancer and was on oxygen. She also reported that former teacher Don Burrows' wife died this week. Don came to West when North was closed, around 1978. Donna Berndt and her husband travel in their RV taking several one week trips this year. Rae Lambert said the most exciting thing in her life was getting a new roof on her home, plus a new refrigerator and stove!

Don Srail frequently makes trips to Dayton where their grandchildren are active in athletics. Dave Kathary (not in picture) retired in 2000. One son will graduate from the University of Dayton in June and one son will graduate from Dublin High School in June. The Webers, Dick and Donna, will soon be heading to Texas for the winter. Dick recently had laser surgery for his glaucoma. Donna is looking forward to seeing their grand children in Texas. A granddaughter will graduated from college next May, so they may stay a little longer for that celebration.

Elaine Burkel and her neighbor of 32 years, Babette Davis, recently traveled to Las Vegas for a week. Elaine and Babette were eating at the Outback Restaurant at Rt. 161 and Cleveland Ave. this summer when a flash flood flooded the restaurant and her car. They did not have to pay for their dinner but she had $1943 water damage to her car. Elaine said when she saw a man around 6'3" and 275 lbs. get knocked down by the water flowing in the parking lot, she was worried.

Susie Conrad related her first-hand story of Dwight Black telling her about the farm property he owned in Ostrander that he was considering making into a golf course after he left teaching at West. He did indeed do that first build a 9-hole course then adding and additional 9 holes. His five daughters eventually all built homes on the golf course next to Dwight. One daughter is the mother of Ben Curtis, the 2003 British Open Champion. When Ben was young he could walk out his back door to the practice Tee. Dick Weber related a story about one year the West teachers had the West High Open at Dwight's course, Mill Creek Golf Course. Dick said he told Dwight he wasn't very good, actually, he really didn't know much about golfing. Dwight said he could be his partner. As the round proceeded Dwight's comments concerning Dick's golfing abilities went "down hill" quickly. Joe Herman reminded the group that when Dwight Black was at West there was also a Larry Gray, Harriet Brown, and Betty Brown. Joe recently returned from an Alaskan Cruise.

Betty Brown took a trip to China at this time last year. She walked on the Great Wall and boated down the Yangtze River. This coming spring she is going to Russia. Al Kennedy continues his activities with the worldwide aid program he has been involved in for a while. They recently provided medical equipment and school supplies to El Salvador. He also sings with the Singing Buckeyes. Two grandchildren were added to his family tree this summer. Beverly Fatig had a difficult summer. June 14 she had a knee replacement. While waiting for her husband to take her home from the hospital on June 18 the nurses noticed she was having some problems. A clot from her knee had moved to her brain and found a birth defect she had had for 71 years. It caused a stroke. She said learning and remembering words is her most difficult problem. She expects a full recovery in 6-12 months.



Fall 2002 Retired Teachers' Luncheon

Front row- Dick Weber '43, Donna Berndt, Frances Evans,
Donna Inboden Weber '45, Barbara Hegler
Middle row-Sharon Buchanan, Pat Cozad Paoletti '47, Elaine Burkel
Back row- Cyrus Sedgewick, Beverly Fatig, Rae Lambert, Al Kennedy,
Ann Williams, Joe Herman, Diane Krebs

At the luncheon they announced the group had made a donation in memory of former West teacher Margaret Harold and former West Principal Bob Darrow, both who had passed away since their last meeting.

Diane Krebs said she stays busy with her church. She took a trip to Cape Cod this past summer. Joe Herman frequently eats at Champs and says on OSU Football game days it is twice as busy - they have a big screen TV! Since it was near Halloween, Joe brought a Halloween decorated basket filled with candy for everyone. Frances Evans has been busy remodeling two back rooms. Donna Berndt has been traveling a lot, often to Dallas. And since her son has moved to Alabama, she will probably be going there some. She did recently take a trip to Sault St. Marie and went through the locks.

The Webers, Donna and Dick, would be leaving for Texas the following week. They felt this might be their last winter trip there. They are planning to sell their Columbus home and move there permanently. Dick told the group about a situation he had last May. He had a pain in the neck (which he confirmed was not his wife). An MRI disclosed an abscess on a disk. He was told if he waited for surgery he could be paralyzed. He had the surgery then had to wear a neck collar until September 9! For those who know Dick's humor, he said, "They took the replacement disk from a cadaver - so now I'm a walking CD!"

Al Kennedy is still enjoying retirement. He is involved with the Pastors for Peace and World Wide Humanitarian efforts. Cy Sedgewick had recently attended a Mid-Shipmans School Reunion for Northwestern University. He said he had 'eight rich years' in the Navy. He plans to attend his 60th high school class reunion in 2003. Beverly Fatig had been working on her family history. She volunteers with the gorillas at the Columbus Zoo. Elaine Burkel had a trip to Las Vegas and meet her brother there. Barbara Hegler was going to Mexico in a few weeks and hoped to go to Florida in January.

It was reported that Steve Chapplear, a West Alumni, is currently president of the Ohio Bar Association.

Sharon Buchanan said her husband's office had closed. He was now working at home. This is resulting in her being his personal secretary. She volunteers one day a week at Avery School in Hilliard doing 'reading recovery.' Pat Paoletti has been to Indianapolis where her son and daughter-in-law live and had recently both run a marathon. Pat had fallen and had knee surgery. She enjoys attending band, cross country, and soccer meets for her grandchildren. Rae Lambert is making very interesting and different Christmas ornament hangers and selling them on e-bay. Per Rae, getting on e-bay can be obsessive.


Spring 2002 Retired Teachers' Luncheon

Front row- Dick Weber '43 and Donna Inboden Weber '45, Howard Wilson '32
Middle row- Alice Smith(leaning in), Donna Berndt, Sharon Buchanan, Pat Cozad Paoletti, Susie Griffith Conrad '64
Back row- Joe Herman, Don Srail, Cyrus Sedgewick, Elaine Burkel, Diane Krebs, Beverly Fatig, Alan Novak

At the luncheon, Barb Hegler reported she continues to travel a lot, her last trip being to Morocco. Dick and Donna Weber would be leaving after the last O.S.U. football game (Dick has ushered there for many years) for Texas, where they spend their winters.

Pat Paoletti announced she and her husband had just celebrated their 1st anniversary. Between them they have 15 grandchildren! They attend sporting activities for the grandchildren an average of 3-4 nights a week. Howard Wilson said he recently retired, for the 2nd time. After leaving West, he has had a private law practice for many years. He had his wife will celebrate their 60th anniversary this year.

Don Srail has a grandson 'into hockey,' so Don is now learning hockey! He is also involved in school programs for children and encourages all to do this. Alan Novak was taking an 11 week course at the Westerville Volunteer Policy Academy.

Beverly Fatig is the VP of the Franklin County Retired Teachers' Association. She volunteers at the Zoo, and for a 3rd grade class where her daughter is the teacher. She has been doing some genealogy research in the New England area. Also, she and her husband were celebrating their 50th anniversary July 26. Their children were sending them to Hawaii for an anniversary gift. Both Beverly and her husband, Raymond, retired from Columbus Public Schools.

Cy Sedgwick brought his wife, a North High School Alumni, to the luncheon. They have one son who is a professor at the U. of Mass. Cy has been involved in Vaudvillities for 19 years.