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In the "Reunions" room there is information about current scheduled class reunions (as provided by the class reunion committees) and recap information after the reunions (again, as provided by the class reunion committees). We currently have four years of reunion recaps listed.

The "Class Rep" room lists all graduating classes for which we have an Alumni Association Class Rep. This is the person you can contact about class reunion information, Alumni Association information, etc. If there is no "Rep." for your class, contact any of the Association officers about becoming the Rep. for your class.

The "Officers" room lists the current Association officers along with all former Association Presidents. In you have any questions about the West Alumni Association, feel free to contact any of the officers.

The "Calendar" room lists Association activities and recaps of some recent activities.

The "Membership" room shows a printable form you can print out and use to join the Association.

The "Contact Us" room shows an e-mail address to contact the website manager about any questions or corrections you might have to the website.