WEST HIGH SCHOOL added the Weskets to the Marching Band program in the 1961-62 school year.
There were sixty Band members, six Majorettes, and thirty-five Weskets.

All former Weskets are invited to march with the Alumni Band at every Homecoming. Uniforms aren't required!
See the information on the Alumni Band page for additional information.


The picture above is of the first Weskets.
Left to Right: Pam Broome, Polly Williams, Shirley Troutman, Carolyn Beranek, Barbara Barr, Ann Miller,
Shirley Hoffman, Karen Latham, Annette Beatty, Beverly Kimball, Margaret Fears, Wanda Bailey, Ann Bostic, Jane Athey, Terry Randall, Sally Jo Holmes, Jackie Weller, Phyllis Martin, Sally Dellinger, Sally Roberts,
Janet Steckman, Sue Rosenberger, Betty Ainsworth, Sunya Graham, Martha Houk, Anne Duerler,
Carol Herbster, Beth Lord, Diane Barthemus, Linda Schuler, Penny Huyck, Jenny Harp, Mary Lynn Willett
(sorry, off right edge of picture - Sandy Householder and Linda Smith)