WEST HIGH SCHOOL's enthusiastic cheerleaders are a tradition that has lasted through the years. Some always return for Homecoming!
All former Cheerleaders who are interested in attending Homecoming - and maybe even doing a few cheers - can contact Amy Abram Coleman '83 for information.
E-mail Amy at:
gccolemans@yahoo.com OR - just show up!
The Tradition Continues - Homecoming 2010
West Cheerleading History - where did it began?
The first notation of cheerleaders in a yearbook was in 1930.
Although there was not a picture, the following was included:
"The cheerleaders have made their contribution to athletics at West. The cheerleaders, Ralph Rea, Bill Coon, and Charles Paugh, have kept the crowd cheering in defeat as well as victory. They were furnished with new sweaters and megaphones by the athletic committee and made as good an appearance as any in the city."
In the1931 Occident the reference to cheerleaders indicated they led cheers during "basketball and football seasons." Cheerleaders were 'again' Bill Coon and Charles Paugh, and they were joined by Elmore Price.

The picture above was in the 1934 yearbook on a page of several in a collage. There were no names, and the yearbook does not reference cheerleaders, but we believe these were some of our early West Cheerleaders!
The next reference to cheerleaders was in the 1938 yearbook.

The yearbook notation read as follows:
"Something different in cheerleading was tried at West this year, a group of ten students being used. Edgar House, acting as adviser, selected five boys and five girls; it was the first time in the history of the school that girls were permitted to try out. At football games the entire group led cheers, while the basketball games were worked by various combinations of the three each game.
cheerleaders were Barbara Findeis, Jean Tarleton, Annabelle Slyh, Erma Calland, Shirley Minehart, John Frak, Joe Galloway, Bob Richey, Albert Gunning, and Jack Hatton."
Move forward to 1942, the next yearbook we found a reference to the cheerleaders.

The yearbook notation read as follows:
"Y-E-A CHEERLEADERS!! Let's give our cheerleaders, Marilyn Myers, Bonnie Lear, Tom Jones, and John Brown three cheers for the fine work they have done during the past year. Win, Lose, or draw they have supported the team faithfully. The graduation of Marilyn and Tom will be a great loss to the squad: however, Billie Cale, Peggy Fergus, Don Murphy, and Gordon Taylor will try to fill their shoes and we are sure that the coming season will be as successful as the past."