Wisdom, Honesty, Sincerity

Alice Schoenburger 1925


As toward the West the constant sun proceeds
Day after day across the sky,
So do our hearts hold true to you (thee),
West High, West High, West High.

Men view the sun in many a distant land,
His (their) face still westward in the sky,
Though (tho') we should (shall) go as far, we ll love
West High, West High, West High.

And ‘til (till) the sun forgets its ancient goal
And seeks a new path through the sky,
Our loyal hearts shall beat for you (thee),
West High, West High, West High.

The Alma Mater was written in 1925 by Alice Schoenburger to be used as the Class Song. After a few years it was decided to adopt it as the Alma Mater. The music was written by Herbert Hutchinson.

Note: Through the years, some of the words were updated to reflect current verbiage. The words in parentheses were the original words written by the author.


The Fight Song


Hail the Cowboys, Hail the Buff and Brown,
Fight you Cowboys, Never let us down,
Win Cowboys, Win for old West High,
We've got the spirit that never dies, So

Rah Rah for West High, West High will win,
Fight to the finish, Never give in, Rah Rah Rah,
You do your best boys, We'll do the rest boys,
Rah Rah for West High School.

OR a later version . . . . . (in a 1992 Winter Sports Program)

Hail the Cowboys, Hail the buff and brown
Fight you Cowboys, really go to town
You're our Cowboys, better can't be found
Rip through that line - We're all behind you!

Hail the Cowboys, hail the buff and brown
Fight you Cowboys, really go to town
You're our Cowboys, better can't be found
Come on you Cowboys fight!

Rah rah for West High, West High will win,
Fight to the finish - never give in, Rah, rah rah!
You do your best boys, We'll do the rest boys,
Rah rah for West high School!

Information in the program dedicating West High School
May 28, 1929

The school site was purchased April, 1925. It includes 10.5 acres.
Excavation begun October 25, 1926. The first concrete was poured November 1, 1926.
The building has three stories, is 370 feet in length facing Powell Ave., and 261 ft. 10 in. facing Olive Street.
Total cubage is three million, two hundred thousand cubic ft.
Total cost of the building not including movable equipment, is $858,598.00. Cost per cubic foot, 30 cents.
There are 119,341 sq. ft. of floor area.
Total length of corridors is 2,138 feet.
Total number of rooms for school purposes, 55.
The Auditorium has 1483 seats.
The Library has space for 10,000 volumes and seats 140.
The building was designed by Howard Dwight Smith, school architect.
The building was first occupied January 28, 1929.
There are 1707 pupils enrolled at West.
Total number of instructors, 70.
The building was designed for 2700 pupils.

Stewart A. Hoover, President
Augusta Becker, Charles L. Kurtz, James A. Maddox, Cecil J. Randall, Erdis C. Robinson, Juliette Sessions

Superintendent of Schools - J. G. Collicott
Principal Senior High School - Otto H. Magley
Principal Junior High School - H. H. Reighley


What shall we pledge to Thee, West High,
To show our Loyalty true,
A heart and mind so clean and pure,
And a hand well trained to do.


The Original West High School, now Starling Middle School
(In 2012 a new building was started across the street from this building that will replace the building.)

The original West High School was located on Central Ave. at the corner of West State St.
It was opened September 8, 1908 with 125 students registered as freshman and sophomores. The last full day of classes were held on January 23, 1929.

By September 1909 a third grade of high school was added. Also, Chicago Ave. was so over c
rowded that their whole 6A class was brought to West.
By September 1910 registration was 430 with a total faculty of 20.
This was the first year there was a Senior class.
The first issue of the student newspaper, The Occident, was published that year. Occident refers to "west," in opposition to Orient meaning "east."
Twenty-one Seniors graduated in the first West High School class in June 1911.
(taken from the Spring-Summer Alumni Occident Newsletter article written by Lois Hunter Neff 1955)

The following was written by Judy Smith Harper 1959 for the 1959 Occident yearbook and was printed between both pictures shown here.)

Through fifty years of service to its students and the community, West has made an outstanding record of distinguished achievement. The school won its first trophy in 1909 - the junior high baseball team under the coaching of the principal, Mr. Magly, won the championship and the Spaulding Trophy. The first graduation class (1911) participated in the first baccalaureate services ever held in a Columbus high school. The athletic department began a long string of championships by taking top honors in football in 1915. Winning championships in basketball, baseball, and track. West's athletes have been riding the crest of success throughout the years.

In January, 1929, the school moved from its location on Central Avenue to the building we now occupy, which was described by a visitor as the "most beautiful school in the country." In the 1929-30 school year, the Otto H. Magly chapter of the National Honor Society was organized; in 1933, the Occident received an All-American superior rating from the National Scholastic Press Association.

Magly Field, our magnificent stadium, was the largest in the city when it was built in 1937; the lights, put up tan years later, add much to its beauty.

In both world wars, West went "all out" for the war effort: 124 West students were on active duty in the First World War; 2800 students and 21 teachers served in World War II; the Student Council sponsored a scrap drive in 1943 and collected 40 tons of vital metals and rubber; senior boys participated in commando training; memorial trees were planted around the building in honor of West's war heroes.

In 1946, after the 2nd World War, trees were planted in front of the school as a memory to the teachers and students who served and those who gave their life. A plaque was installed to recognize the purpose of the trees.


West High School located at 179 S. Powell Ave.

The first day of school in the new building was January 28, 1929.
Six hundred seventy six pupils registered in three grades of high school.
Highland Junior High also moved into the building and adopted the name
West Junior High.
Mr. Otto Magly remained principal of West High School.
Mr. H. H. Reighley was named principal of West Junior High.
(taken from the 1998 Spring-Summer Alumni Occident Newsletter article
written by Lois Hunter Neff 1955)